preppy by skatesurflove featuring sport shoes MARC BY MARC JACOBS button up crop Uniqlo holiday Spanx® Button front mini skirt$31 – Pattern skirt$14 – Gucci suede ankle Converse sport shoes$54 – Chanel… Continue reading

Outfit Of the Day: Overcast Weather

Outfit Of the Day: Overcast Weather by skatesurflove featuring a cloche hat Levi’s Made & Crafted bootcut jeans$235 – Free Sperry Top-Sider boat Fossil Kenneth jay lane Cloche


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All image from The designers at Dahlia have really out done themselves this season. I stumbled upon images from the new Autumn Winter range and…

Journa-Blog: I Got An Interview at Coldstone Creamery!

Journa-Blog: I Got An Interview at Coldstone Creamery!

Hello everybody!

So spur of the moment last night i decided to search craigslist for some jobs. Uhm, GIFT FROM HEAVEN, Coldstone in my area is hiring new staff. So of course, i applied at like 1AM. Today i got a call at 1PM from them, giving me an interview for tomorrow at 12, and i’m really excited. I actually applied to Coldstone when i was 15 because i was so in love with it (you have to be at least 16 to work there…i totally knew that). Of course, i never got an interview, so it’s so funny how now that I’m older i actually got an interview at the place i really wanted to work at when i was smaller! I hope everything goes perfect, because i need to start making money to afford car insurance and gas… Its real out there people.

Journa-Blog: The Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Journey Begins!

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Chair Upholstery: My Most Badass DIY Project Yet!

Re-Upholstering An Ugly Chair   It’s been burning in the reminder list on my Iphone for a good month now. Today i got some surge of modivation to complete everything i’ve been meaning… Continue reading

Journa-Blog: College Talks

So as I’ve made clear before, I am in fact, a college student. College was like this huge thing to me when i was little. I wanted to get away so so bad!… Continue reading

Journa-Blog: The 100th Post! Thank you, WordPress!

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Journa-Blog: One Year Anniversary Ideas

Today is my boyfriend’s and my 11 month anniversary! As exciting as that is, it now unleashes the countdown to one whole year. That being said, i really want to do something special… Continue reading

How To Say “I Love You”

As my boyfriend’s and my one year is approaching, i find myself falling more and more in love every day. Sure, we’ve said we love each other, but lately for me it’s just… Continue reading