Dorm room design

Moving into a dorm soon? Afraid your style may not be able to flourish In such a small space? The perfect solution to this is by trying a loft bed! A loft bed is like a bunk bed, only instead of another bed underneath you, there’s an office. With the limited amount of space in dorms, these beds are essential because they provide not only style and extended design options, but privacy! With a loft bed you and your roommate won’t have those awkward moments where you’re both on your beds right across from each other. Loft beds, because of their height, add needed dimension In the room. A loft bed is also great if you share a room with siblings. If you’ve got enough space in your room for an office space, or you just don’t need one, try adding an entertainment center underneath with a couch and small table, and place a tv in it’s direction.