Trust your girlfriend


If you’ve been dating your girlfriend for months now, you should probably trust her pretty well… If not, I don’t know why you’re still dating her. Trust comes like, the first two months of dating. With trust, you don’t ever have to worry about cheating, which opens a lot of doors that are scary, but like it or not are MEANT to be open. So, doors? Well, metaphorical doors, like the opportunity to hang out with close friends, because I’m sure your girls got tons of them, because she’s so cool, right? With all those friends, chances are pretty likely that she’s gonna have some close guy friends too. After all, she was single before you, and was allowed to hang out with her “buds” on her own free will. These guys come in many shapes and sizes. We’ve got the dudes she used to date, the classroom buddies she used to make paper airplanes with, and the close friends shes acquired over years and years of bonding. Dude examples 2 and 3 are what I’ll call the “green light” guys, which are guys you can guarantee she’s not going to go all low budget porno on anytime I’m the future. These guys are her escape for her dude side, which keep in mind she still needs to exercise , and you, sadly, do not count. These green light guys will range from ass ugly to drop dead gorgeous on occasions, and it’s your job as a full trusting boyfriend to not question her choices at all, though it may be hard. Signs of a healthy friendship with these “green light” guys may include for example, a casual get together with an equal mixture of both genders watching movies and talking, a group hangout centered around a video game, and even a one on one hangout. Hard to see it might be, but prepare to be educated on the true engagements that take place between two best friends hanging out alone…
1. Talking about girls in his life and your girlfriend giving him advice on how to “get dem bitchez”
2. Talking about you, her loving boyfriend, and him giving her “major props”
3. Eating burgers cooked by his/your girlfriends mom
4. Catching up on mutual friends
5. Occasional dead baby jokes

Yes, in fact my friend, it is NOT what you would expect at all to happen! “no clothes coming off? No kissing?? No falling in love???!?” No. This never happens. Yes, it could be hard convincing yourself this during these times but every guy must know that their girlfriend is in complete love with them, and wouldn’t even think of anyone else, let alone their closest friends. She someone is in love all they can love is you and only you, and the most important lesson of them all is that you must let yourself go. Stop worrying, stop asking, stop tricking your brain into thinking things. Your girlfriend loves you, and you love her. Trust her,and if she in the end turns out to be a psycho lying cheating bisexual hoe bag with four Nude pictures out of her asshole, well, that’s her fault for losing such a trusting and loyal boyfriend like you. And hey, wouldn’t you rather know she was cheating then not ever?

Boys, there’s lots of stupid things you do to hurt your girlfriend. But don’t hurt your relationship. They say without trust there’s nothing. So just for lords sake shut up and trust the girl you love, and everything else will follow. You don’t need to ask what would happen if she met a guy at a part who wanted to fuck her. If you’re still asking her that after 4 months, you probably should break up, or you should do a serious mental analysis check. If its been 8-12 months, just go shoot off your private parts. You don’t deserve them.

Look, if your girlfriend is cheating on you you’ll find out eventually. But if you have no reason to suspect anything and she’s following the rules of the guy hangout manual then you don’t need to question or worry. Just love her! That’s all she wants, and by constantly nagging about why you didn’t text her every 3 minutes, you’re taking one notch away from how much you do love her. So now she sees you love her as 9/10. You want to show 100% full love for her…I hope? So I hope this helps fix that one little notch!

Things you should never say to your girlfriend:

If I went away for a week, would you fuck another guy?
Oh, so you think he’s cute?…
When you’re in college, will you hang out with another guy?
If he tries to kiss you, what are you gonna do?
Who’s gonna be there??
If we went on a break…would you hook up with a bunch of guys??
Babe. Hanging out with (insert close guy friends name here)??? That’s sketchy. Idk about that.
Are you buying that to impress guys?

This stuff just makes you sound stupid. Immature. And needy. Oh, and untrusting. So trust your girlfriend. Don’t be a little bitch, or you’re going to get replaced by a real man who’s confident about how his girlfriend feels about him. That’s what we all want in someone!

❤ , Eva.
Next lesson: buying shit and how it makes us feel good