So long, dirty makeup bag!

Ladies, if youre not a pinterest-aholic, you probably haven’t come across this invention that’s swooping the girl world; the magnet makeup frame. So like me, you’ve probably encountered this a few times: reaching into your makeup bag for let’s say, your lipstick, and pulling it out, your hand covered in smokey eyeshadow and spilled lotion. So long, dirty makeup explosions that nothing can ever explain! This invention is so cool, and so easy. Just go down to Walmart or micheals craft store and buy magnet strips, glue them to the backs and sides of your makeup and a large strip for a frame, buy a frame at the 99 cents store, and some cool scrapbook paper and you instantly have a display wall of makeup, which might I say is 100 times cooler and easier then the bag. Portable it may not be, but toss your faves into a smaller pouch each day and you’re GTG! The whole process takes no more than 30 minutes to an hour and the overall price is less than 10 dollars, so go for it!