Dating on a budget

So as everyone probably knows by now, the economy’s not all it used to be. Should that stop relationship from budding? Hellllllll to the NO! But does it? Indeed. Sadly, I’ve had guy friends tell me they’re too discouraged to forge a relationship simply because datings “expensive”. Now look, my boyfriend and I aren’t the richest folks in the world. In fact, none of us have jobs, but that’s because were kids and no one wants to hire teenagers. But we both know our financial situations, and we don’t let it hit us hard when we want to go out and do something once in a while. I’m sure I’m not the only couple who strives to go out, but can’t often because of the expenses. Let me tell you a few things my boyfriend and I do to save money we don’t have, hah, and go out!


We often go to local hiking trails, just because there’s so many where I live. Usually arboretums, and leisure trails. Nothing too big yet with him, although I want to! It’s a great way to bond and just talk, explore weird plants, maybe run together and share a cold drink after.

Cost: $0


There’s a discount, 3$ movie theater in our city, which when it was first built I thought was a pretty crappy idea. I thought it’d be small and ugly…but it’s not. It’s just like a real movie theater! They play the movies that are new releases about 3 weeks after they come out of the big theaters, and what’s more efficient, seeing the movie for 10 dollars and going to the movies once every two months, or discount theater seeing the same movies for 3 times a month? And STILL SAVING MONEY. We do a thing where he buys the tickets, buy the snacks. So around 6 dollars for each person, instead of 20.

Cost: $6


In our city, we have a lot of stuff going on at the promenade, like bands playing on the street all the time, shopping, movies and food. It’s so easy to take a drive to the city and buy some ice cream and go window shopping together. Go to a place like cold stone or if you’re really on a budget, rite aid! (which we prefer most times). It’s so cheap and such a great time spender to walk around and see what new things stores have to offer.

Cost: $4


The best invention for relationships. Love to stay at home and cuddle? Add Netflix into it and you’re good to go! See all the movies you wished you saw right there with your special someone. Buy some popcorn at the grocery store and some candy as well, and have a cosy movie night together.

Cost: $3


We’ve got quite a bit of parks in our town, so on good days my boyfriend and I go out and have a picnic. Sometimes well go all out and get the sandwiches and snacks and drinks, but recently we’ve just been spur of the moment, let’s go to the park-ing. Well pick up our favorite cookies, sugar cookies, lay a blanket down and just lay there and talk. This is great for the lazy couple that stays inside all the time. Now you can be lazy outside. It’s not good to stay in the house all the time!

Cost: $3

We also like to go to the mall, take random trips to the goodwill to look at old odds and ends that people leave (like Santa lawn gnomes!) and we love to go swimming and to the beach. So plan your dates, people, old or young, these work for anyone. When you love someone, you truly could not care what you’re doing with them, you just do it. You don’t need fancy restaurants or lavish dates all the time. You just need to get out with them! Just the park is a great way to explore and get to know someone better. Nothing should ever stop you from dating someone, especially not money. Don’t let it get you down, there’s a months worth of dates I just gave you, go have fun!