My college dorm: equestrian chic!

Looking for some dorm room inspiration? Mine is inspired by a female equestrian horse jumper. No, you don’t have to be a horseback rider to have a room like this and no, it isn’t what you’re thinking, I.E pony murals and running horse photos.
I’m inspired by the colors! The deep, country club-esq. reds, the caramel brown of the horse,the crisp white pants and black helmet accent. My walls will be all white with black moulding only at the meet of the ceiling and wall, I will have a white loft bed, white antique desk, and white closet. I’m thinking of adding a brown papasan, if you don’t know what this is, run to the nearest furniture store and SIT IN ITS AMAZINGNESS. I’m also adding red and gold accents like red photos with black frames and red trinkets, and gold jewelry hanging from areas and gold rustic antique trinkets from places like the goodwill. I’ll put pictures below of my ideas! Get inspired!