The cutest wedding photo. Ever.


So I saw this on pinterest, and I just had to share it. Can everyone agree on how precious this is? It makes me just want to get married! Like damn… If only all boyfriends and fiancées were that emotional. If I had a photo like that it’d be framed forever, which would probably embarrass the heck out of the man, but hey,I say let all your girlfriends be jealous you have such a sweet and caring husband! ladies, I encourage you to hire either a wedding photographer, or even rent a nice camera. The canon rebel T3, what I have, shoots amazing photos no matter who’s hand the cameras in. My grandma can even take some good shots! (I’ll add a shot she took below). But seriously, investing in a good camera is around the same price of a photographer. And with the Internet these days, anyone can edit photos without photoshop. This photo I hope makes people realize as much as it made me realize,that memories need to be captured. It’s the closest you can ever get to those moments in the future when you’re old and brittle and will be major evidence when youre desperately trying to convince your grandchildren that you were once skinny.

But in all seriousness, my canon is like, amazing. If you can save up a good 400, GET ONE! And hire a good family member as your wedding paparazzi. I’ll include some references below to how to save money on wedding photos.

Canon t3: $450 / hiring a photographer: 500$ (easy and beautiful photo editor): FREE / wedding photo editor, photoshop: $50-
Print at FEDEX and buying frames at biglots: $100-200 / framing place, print place: $500