Eva’s College Wishlist!


So with college coming up, my freshman year to be exact, you can expect me to be going crazy with deciding what I’m gonna buy to lead me to success this first semester…alright ill tell the truth. I’m just stoked on buying a bunch of awesome stuff!!
So heres my extremely spoiled wish-list. Maybe I’ll get one thing on there. My birthdays coming up people! *cough July 29 cough*

1. Michael Kors Laptop Bag

They’re selling the ones I want at Bloomingdales/ online for $58 dollars, which is like, dirt cheap for Micheal Kors. Plus with normal laptop cases selling for 20-30 dollars, this ones worth the splurge. The one in the picture is Fendi, but the MK one I want is the same thing only with the signature gold plating on the outside, and a fur inside. (faux of course!)


2. Ritzy looking watch

Okay, this one is MK too, but NO I’m not a MK addict! This just showed up on the google search for the laptop bag and I decided to throw it in this post. I love watches, even if I don’t use them to tell time. Shut up. But watches are just so intricate and so expensive looking! I got a great one at target for 14.00 and people mistook it for juicy couture before I corrected them that I proudly got it for practically nothing. Watches add posh to any outfit. So in college, when I show up to class in a white v-neck and jeans, no one will know it took 10 minutes to get ready because of that gold watch glimmering on my wrist.


3. Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick

This stuff is pure GOLD for lips. One day in the mall I decided to kill some time in Sephora. I’ve never spent more than 10 dollars on makeup, besides my concealer and foundation which I splurge on by buying Clinique (no one should buy drugstore coverup). I meandered over to the YSL section because I’ve been seeing this recent outbreak of bright baby pink lipstick in the magazines and I just had to try it out. YSL’s lingerie pink is spot on the trend, for a hefty price of 32 dollars though. Probably all to pay off the cost of those elaborate lipstick bottles. So I went over to target, spent 30 minutes rummaging through every lipstick that promised the same color but was virtually translucent and finally found…(digs through makeup bag) Maybelline super stay lipstick in perpetual peony. It gives the same effect and looks amazing for $6. I also picked up 2 more colors I loved from YSL, but at target and I have one with me who’s color is Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink for $1.50


4. White Blazer

Something about these just looks so clean and expensive without even trying! Like, can you say yacht trip in Naples? With a pair of aviators (you can get a designer pair at TJ maxx for 10 dollars or less) and some jeans, you’ll look super fierce and effortless. I just know there’s some things you can own in a closet that whatever you wear it with you’ll look like a million bucks. This is one of those items.


5. Steve Madden Purse

I’m not really a Steve Madden Person, but they have some cute bags come in at TJ maxx that are originally 90-150 dollars and they sell for $39.00 there, so if they have some new ones come in before school, I’ll probably buy myself one. TJ maxx made me realize why spend 70 dollars on a purse at the mall at urban outfitters, which is just a plain leather purse, or go there, spend 70 or less and get a designer purse in the same style and color. So I now buy all my purses there and get so many compliments. So far I’ve got a Tommy Hilfiger satchel and a Nine West leather hobo.


6. Leather boots

I’m a huge boot girl. Every start of the new school year I buy about 3 pairs of boots. I usually buy them at Charlotte Russe, but have found them to fall apart easily. I saw these $140 dollar boots at Cathy Jean on a 70% sale and I loved them but I waited to get them because I’m stupid. So after a week of pondering I went back to the mall to get them and of course, sold out. They had them online in my size but eh, it wasn’t THATTTT worth it. So I didn’t go for it. These aren’t the exact boots,but I really like this style. It’s sleek and it looks easy to walk in, which is totally what I love! Besides, my campus is huge. I don’t need blisters for dance.


7. Juicy Couture Charm Necklace

I’ve wanted this since I was a kid, and they’re only 59 dollars at Bloomingdales and online! Once again, I had a boots moment and skipped the opportunity to buy myself one when I was at South Coast. Now I can’t find one in my own city’s mall. Maybe I’ll ask for one for my birthday! These necklaces and bracelets, just like the watch I put in here, are just sooooo pretty! They’re one of those things that make you look a million bucks, and will never get old. They have them in gold and silver but I prefer gold, and you can add charms onto it, although Juicys charms are way overpriced. I like the necklace alone anyway. I don’t like necks that look like they’re covered in skittles.