Hair Extensions 101


So by now if you’re a follower, you’ve probably seen a picture of me! Little did you know (unless you’re a genius) I’m wearing hair extensions!

Girls, if you’ve ever thought about hair extensions but were iffy, let me tell you, it’s SO worth it. If you want your hair to grow this would be great, if your hair is short or damaged, unmanageable or you just want some more length, if your hair is thin or even if you want to add color into your hair but you don’t want to damage your own with dye, hair extensions are for you. Theres tons of options for how you want extensions put in. Theres glue in, which i personally dont advise just because… Hello, glue in your hair? Ew! The second is micro beads and loops, which are individual strands hooked onto your hair a few strands at a time. This is best for if you still like to run your hands through your hair and feel your scalp, or if you want to add highlights, only this method is the most costly and can take time. The third method is sew in, which is good for adding not only length but overall color change, hides all of your hair and sews the extension over it. This is also good for growing hair, since your natural hair is hidden, taking a lot of heat stress off of it. Im dedicated to the sew in method, just because it’s the most effective way to making your real hair grow. I used to spend over 300 dollars at the salon for extensions, but my mom learned the process so now I only spend 100 or less and it lasts months!

Sally’s Beauty

Okay, so don’t think Sally’s is the one place you can trust when it comes to extensions. Think outside the box! Browse google for nearby beauty stores. I was a Sally’s addict too the first year of my extensions and was a constant victim to $100+ dollars for hair, then I found a beauty store right down my street that sold the same things I was looking for but had a wider selection for 30 dollars less. Also, I found online some stores that sold hair extensions for even cheaper! Sally’s may seem easy but keep options open for the best deals.


Extensions come in various lengths. I started with 14 inches, then moved up to 18, and now I’m at 16. 14 looked the most natural on me and was easiest to curl, but once the months started to pile on and breakage happened, it went down to a 12, which is my natural length. I suggest if you don’t have tons of money to spend on extensions go the longest you can without looking fake, so that when you start to get split ends you can trim it off and still have length.


If you’re looking for long term, lasting months hair, don’t ever buy synthetic hair. This hair is for temporary commitments, and contains plastic fibers which look like real hair but cannot be curled or straightened over a certain temperature, tangles easily and gives off a shiny (not in a good way) look. Human hair can be found everywhere, but you need to become an expert on what’s really human hair. Things labeled Yaki is a more low quality hair, which resembles African American texture. It can look natural in certain peoples hair, rather than other textures such as European hair. Things labeled remy hair are supposedly the best hair you can buy. It’s often pricey, but I’ve noticed it holds up well,doesn’t shed often and stays silky after washes. Virgin labeled hair means its the natural color that it was off of the persons it once was, and the hair also hasn’t been processed. This is good if you want to dye the hair.

Any other questions I didn’t answer on hair extensions? Let me know by a comment!