Fashionista’s Camping List

Fashionistas, going camping soon? I love to camp, and I go every year, but let the record show that unlike lots of campers, I don’t compromise on my style for ripped, oversized tees and mom jeans. Every year I get so many compliments on my outfits during camping trips, and no one ever seems to realize how I stay so fashionable during the week! Let me give you a little insight on my tricks and give you my top must have camping essentials.

The problem with lots of women, is they can’t see a fine line between looking like a hobo dwelling in the mountains, and this;


…Now that’s just ridiculous. And trust me, girls, people do go there in real life.

My camping style is finding key pieces to add to the traditional camping attire, so you look amazing, while still looking appropriate for camping in the dirt. You don’t need to go all out and pack your miniskirt (and no, even if it’s flannel, it still doesn’t count as camping attire).

1. The adorable beanie


Crazy Hair? Don’t compromise for the rubber band and a sports head band. Chances are its going to get chilly at night, and you’re gonna need some warmth for your head and ears. With a beanie, your crazy hair instantly gets turned into Bohemian, untamed, messy curls. Add two braided pigtails and wake up the next morning with the same style, only more tamed and beachy.

2. Oversized Chunky Sweater


The substitute for your hoodie, the chunky knit sweater makes you instantly look and feel wrapped in a sexy blanket. The fabric clings to your skin, making less room for air then the hoodie provides, which makes you warmer, faster. The sweater also adds a lazy in a good way look, unlike the hoodie. Add a chunky scarf and long sleeve tee in a bright color to add pop and extra warmth.

3. Havianas


Everyone needs a pair of good sandals for camping. You don’t want to get your shoes totally destroyed, and when you’re by the lake no one wants the burden of removing shoes and socks. Ditch your gladiators and bring rubber flip flops. Havianas add style without being unpractical, plus, dirt rinses off when wet, unlike your Rainbows.

4. Thermal PJs


If you’re sleeping in sweatpants and the shirt you wear when you bleach your hair, that’s the personality you’re going to wake up in and go to sleep in. Pajamas are your time to be super cute, without being judged for it. Still, stay true to the fact you’re going camping and avoid silks. These thermals from Victoria’s secret are adorable, and WARM! You won’t need to bulk on so many layers with these, making it easier to sleep, and I’m sure your tent mate won’t mind the pleasant change in attire.

5. Canvas Backpack


Ditch the dirty Jansport and opt for the newest style bag on the market, the canvas backpack. They sell these at Target, have more pockets then the traditional backpack and can be washed easily. These bags are so cute and give off an authentic camper feel, much more than normal school bags. They come in so many patterns and textures that there’s definitely one you’ll fall in love with.

6. The “did she buy those ripped or not?” jeans


You don’t want to bring your best jeans to camp. You don’t even want to bring good jeans at all, so stay away from your dark washes and skinny jeans and go for light wash, lightly distressed jeans. These jeans are meant to look casual, and if you get some dirt on them they’re no big deal to wash. These jeans are also more comfortable and moveable. Just don’t ever wear skinny jeans to camp, trust me. No one wants to return to their cabin/ tent at 12 PM and have a war with your jeans to get them off.

7. The Moccasin


I’ve personally bought a pair of Minnetonka moccasins, and it’s one of the best investments. When I’ve gone camping before with Ugg boots, I’ve realized they’re awfully heavy, and track a lot of dirt from shuffling on the ground. Moccasins give the same warmth, but you don’t get them as dirty since they’re lighter on your feet. They’re also stylish and look good with jeans.

8. Fuzzy Socks


You can’t have moccasins without cool socks to wear with them! That’s what makes the duo so darn cute! Fuzzy socks keep your warm like the duty of Uggs, only add a pop of youth and style that you can get away with without looking like a tween. Opt for darker fuzzy socks for a non noticeable look, or go for light pink for that princess cute look.


9. Jean Shorts


If you’re like me, chances are once those jean shorts come on, they don’t come off for the entire capping trips day hours. You absolutely need jean shorts for camping. They stay durable wet, provide the right amount of warmth unlike gym shorts which let breeze pass in and out, and they also look good with any shirt you pair it with, so no worries on looking like you threw on whatever was clean in your bag.

10. The Preppy Parka


Don’t rely on wrapping blankets around you by the fire on keeping you warm. Your hands need to be free for making all those s’mores! A parka can either look amazing or look like you’re a marshmallow. This one has just the right amount of length to reach those chilly legs, but the right amount of fluff as well to keep your arms at your sides and not out like a snowman. The fur adds a posh touch and keeps you from looking too “Old Navy”. Pair this with your thermal nighties and moccasins to be the Best dressed and most comfortable person around the campfire!

I hope you all have a great time camping! Hopefully this list should give you some great ideas on what little things to bring to make your camping trip feel a little bit more like home. With all this fashion, don’t forget what you’re really up there for; to have fun and lose yourself! So don’t think too much on how your favorite shorts got a grass stain on them, and enjoy every moment you have of your break. If you only pack cute things, your pictures will thank you later.