How to NOT bleach your hair


Loads of us girls want to think we know everything just by reading tips and watching videos, but sometimes we really do just need to leave it to the pros. Here’s my story on the biggest hair fail of my life… Don’t let this be you.

Well I decided to finally bleach my extensions. I got down to business and put every cup of bleach and ounce of developer into it to make it work. I was on a ROLL! So I one by one painted the bleach onto each 4 inch piece of hair and wrapped it in foil. It took about an hour to do the whole thing. I was so proud of my work once I had wrapped up all the hair like I had seen in the YouTube videos.

….then I started to hear a sizzling noise coming from one of the foils. I ignore it, a little weirded out but thinking that’s the sound that it’s working! So I come back to it 5 minutes later and touch one foil. Hmm. It was a little warm. So I touched one of the first foils I did…burning hot! I still however thought that was how it worked though.

10 more minutes pass and I look up on trusty google why my extensions are simmering and hot. Apparently you’re not supposed to use regular foil with bleach, and salons have some “special foil” they use for their hair. Regular foil frys hair when in contact with bleach. So I go back to the bathroom and freaking HOT FOAM is seeping out of the foils! I grabbed my oven mittens (that’s how hot it was) and one by one picked burnt foil off the hair that looked like folded paper. That’s how bad it was. Then I washed out the hair, which by the way was STEAMING, and tried to save it. I threw the foil in a plastic bag. I let conditioner sit in a bowl with the hair for 10 minutes and washed all the bleach out. I started to comb out the hair, but the only successfully combed extension lost 75% of its hair in the process! Trying to comb out that hair was useless. It was like combing a dreadlock dipped in super glue. So I tossed all of it. All $150 worth of perfectly good extensions.

Yeah, I know, it sucks. But luckily it wasn’t my real hair I tried to play salon star on. Don’t let that be you!!!