My Biggest fashion splurge EVER.


Behold, the Fossil Satchel! *angels singing* So today I wandered back into my new favorite store, TJ Maxx. I had a 40 dollar gift card in hand, due to me returning a straightener I didn’t like from there a week ago. I walked through every isle about twice, picking up random things like sunglasses I didn’t need, hats I already had, and beauty products. I’d passed the purse isle and had seen a fossil purse that I’d been having my eye on In the purse stores for years, but didn’t think too much of it since it was $89.00 and I only had nearly half on my card. Then, I remembered a quote that I read from a designer who’s name totally escapes me right now. But I remember their advice as “Buy less. Buy what you love, and take care of it”. It was from an article on how we end up with an excess amount of clothing that we don’t even like. We don’t take care of it, because it doesn’t cost anything, and we just end up buying more cheap stuff. I learned from that article to ask myself every time I see a mediocrely made dress on sale at target for 25 dollars that I like, “is this worth the money?”. Chances are its not. I now tell myself every time I want to mindlessly spend money on a cheap thing that if I spend 20 dollars for each of these 3, forever 21 shirts I barely like that will go out of style in a few months, it wouldn’t be worth it, because that 60 dollars could buy a designer, well made shirt I’ll take with me for years.

So anyways back to the purse… So I told myself that buying this is an investment, and I know this purse will last me years. So think about it. The purse was $190 in stores, half off at TJ Maxx. I put 40 dollars into it, I only pay 55 for a new genuine leather fossil purse. So I did, and I’m on cloud nine. It smells so NEW!!

I got it in yellow…my favorite color too. Didnt I get lucky 🙂

my new fossil satchel, Francesca (yeah I named it… Hey, when you’ve got something you love you gotta!)