Things California Girls Typically Shouldn’t Invest in

As a true Southern California girl, I know there’s a lot of things we don’t need…but being a global fashion stalker, I mess up from time to time and buy things I really let sit in my closet year round. The weather here is so much different than other countries. In orange county, there’s no snow, it probably rains three times a year, and sweaters get pulled out only on rare occasions. If you’re a California fashionista, you know what I’m talking about when I say there’s a lot of stuff in my closet I could probably get rid of. Here’s a list of my top things So Cal girls shouldn’t own.

1. Rainboots


They’re super cute, I know! But we don’t need them. I always see them at target and want to buy a pair, but I mean really…how often will they get use? Maybe someday I’ll take a trip to a rainy place and have an excuse to buy them.

2. Dog Clothes

Again, they’re adorable, and I love seeing a puppy in a sweater! But they don’t need them out here in So Cal, and their fur acts as a sweater already enough for our climate. I won’t deny, I’ve tried to squeeze my Boston terrier into a rain jacket a few years ago, and he hated it. Unless your dog loves to play dress up, avoid the doggy Uggs and scarves.

3. The Russian Snow Hat

I saw these selling at Forever 21 last year and it was a huge trend! I thought I’d buy the black one and wear it to the beach to protect my sensitive ears from the wind. I wore it once to the beach, it worked but i looked like a total idiot, so I took it off. I haven’t really worn it since, unless it’s a rare occasion when…yeah nope, I’ve never worn it since. We don’t need these fabulous looking hats! They look amazing on Russians…but not California girls at the beach.

4. Parkas

Although super trendy and the perfect completion to every outfit, parkas aren’t needed in southern California. I got this super expensive Parka with fur on it and everything, and I made sure I got use out of it! But people were so confused on why I was wearing what looked to them like an oversized jacket and I often got the question “oh, is that your boyfriends jacket?”. Um, NO! Only the most fashionable winter clothing article! Well in California we don’t really need winter clothes. Just a hoodie and jeans will do for that occasional cold day.

5. Heavy cream for Dry Winter Skin

Okay, so this one definitely doesn’t apply to me, but It may for other girls. I always see girls from different states and countries complaining about how their skin gets unbearable during wintertime. Mine stays the same, if anything gets a little dry, but that’s because I don’t apply lotion every day since I wear jeans and tights most of the time. Don’t waste your money on creams that are supposed to “cure winter skin”. It’s just a thicker lotion, and if you’re a beach city girl, you won’t need this.

6. Flannel Pajamas


Cute they may be, but they won’t get much use if you live in southern California. Most of us don’t think too much on what we sleep in, just because it’s so warm there’s no need to get into “pajamas”.
It’s nice to have one pair of cute pajamas for sleepovers or those occasional cold nights, but you definitely won’t need to be climbing into these things every night.