Review of Chi’s Silkeratin 17: Hair Gold

So by now, you might know that I’m obsessed with TJ Maxx. This product is originally 16 (which I would never pay for for a hair product) but at TJM it was 7 so I decided to give this infamously known brand a go!

So basically what it is is a deep conditioner, without the heavy creme feeling of conditioner. You take a shower and shampoo your hair, get out, spray this all through your hair and comb it out with a brush. You’ll start to see the silkiness when you’re spraying this stuff in. Then you wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap, and it says “apply heat” whatever that means (yes, let me just go into my salon blow dryer chair in the back). I usually put a towel over my head because I’ve read before that that’s how you add some heat when you’re deep conditioning your hair. So you wait 15 minutes and then you wash it out!

I saw results the moment I started putting that stuff onto my hair. It was silky and soft! It actually looked healthy! So I bet youre wanting to know what else it is supposed to do besides making it soft. This is CHI’s overview of the product:
CHI Deep Brilliance System is a line developed by hairstylists with experience working on highly textured hair. CHI Brillance Silkeratin 17 is a hair fortifying treatment.

Concentrated, deep penetrating, advanced hair treatment
Contains most of hair’s natural proteins and amino acids, which come from silk and keratin
Superior formula works from the inside out to help nourish and restore hair
Repairs severely damaged or weak hair and creates stronger, healthier, and shinier hair
click this for a website that sells it!

So I hope you decide to one time in your life splurge a little on hair care. I thought the $5 products like Dove were just as good as the John Friedas and Nexus and CHI’s…in this case they aren’t. If your hair is seriously damaged like mine (I have an unhealthy relationship with the 400 degree on my straightener) then you should invest in a good product to repair your hair, or go to a salon, because when you think about it, you could spend 40 dollars on various 5 or 6 dollar products that don’t work, or 40 dollars on 3 good products that repair your hair.

I’ve bought some nexus pro mend products and I’ll be sure to do a review on that in the future!