The cure to split ends? Review of the Nexxus Pro Mend Line


About 4 months ago I decided to buy some Nexxus products, which run for around $8-$16 dollars in drugstores like CVS, Wallgreens and I don’t know for sure on Walmart and Target. These products promise to “mend split ends back together”, and while I will say they made your hair soft at the cuticle, I never saw any major changes in the amount of my split ends.

The Truth About Split Ends

You can’t re-bind a split end, girls. Sorry, I know its sad to hear, but it’s not possible. Once your hair is dead the only thing you can do for it is cut the split end off, and then start to use these products. When I did this, that’s when I saw a change in how my hair was holding up stronger to heat. The truth about split end “menders” is that they temporarily seal the split end, giving the appearance of healthy hair until you can go back to the salon for a cut.

What products I tried

This product is a heat protectant,which was working pretty well for me, except too much of it came out of the bottle in one squirt, and you have to press the whole thing down for anything to come out, which provided a problem with overuse and my hair was too coated in product to straighten with a clean look. If you’re looking for a heat protectant,I’d go with a serum, I use John Frieda, because you only use a small less than dime sized amount and it protects everything, even more so than a spray. Also, with nexus it advises you to spray when you get out of the shower, then again when you straighten it, on each individual piece. That becomes a problem when a whole ounce of it leaves the bottle with each spray. Another problem with this spray is that with all the liquid coming out of it, you need to wait for it to dry before you start straightening your hair, or you’ll fry it with liquid to head contact. So my best bet is a serum instead of this spray.

I also used the Nexxus Pro Mend Targeted Leave in Treatment Creme, which is the small cylinder type bottle in the front picture of the top. The problem with this product is that it’s heavy, yet it wants you to use this after every shower. So now you’re conditioning your hair regularly, then getting out of the shower to put more on, which is totally fine unless youre actually styling your hair like the product suggests. Now you have way too much thick product in your hair, weighing it down too much to straighten and end up with that light, natural feeling. This cream I will say is good if you’re giving your hair a break, because it makes it so soft, but the fact is that all the Nexxus pro mend line is offering is “split end mending”, which as we’ve gone over isn’t exactly true, so you’re virtually wasting your money putting heavy creams in your hair when you could just go to the salon to get it cut for the same price.

So, should I get it?

Nope. Use your money for a split end cut, which is about 15 dollars at fantastic sams (same price). Yes, I know the big cut is hard to do. I did it, and it was 3 inches off!! But if you’re trying to repair your hair in the long run its a good idea to. I cut my hair in July of last year and wore extensions (which grew my hair out) pretty much November to now and my hair is the same length it was before the cut.