What to expect when you’re expecting

As I walked into the theater today with my ticket to see “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, I had a slight idea of what it was about; a group of dads forming a sort of “baby pact” together. Wrong. Well, not entirely. The movie was a journey through different future parent’s lives, seeing for example the hardship of coping with teen pregnancy, being a mother on the go, being a woman who can’t have kids and two sister in laws who compare to each other. The movie to me was witty, romantic, emotional and hilarious. Its one of those movies I would buy on DVD and watch again. I loved this movie because I brought my boyfriend with me to see it, and while it was a movie solely on pregnancy, the “dudes group” mixed with other key funny men in it made it entertaining for the two of us together. I’m a tough one to please when it comes to movies, rarely laughing out loud at something. I laughed out loud in this movie. I highly recommend seeing it or buying the DVD when it comes out!