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Love the Ho Bag Idea

Confessions of S and N

Ladies, every good girl knows that she needs to be prepared for anything. That’s why we carry everything but the kitchen sink in our gigantic purses on a daily basis….but what about sex? Are you ready for that?

After work today, I’m paying my Johnny a visit. We’re going to have whatever lovely dinner he’s preparing for me, and the sensual desert I’ll be bringing for him, which I will tell you all about tomorrow after the fact. In preparation, I have brought with me what Savannah and I have dubbed my HoBag-Bag. Crudely titled, this bag contains everything one might need to be sexy on a whim. This bag comes with me everywhere I go, it lives in my trunk other than for replenishment purposes of course.

I will share with you the contents of my HoBag-Bag, and hopefully we can get some ideas from you readers on anything…

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