Match your Robe to your Lifestyle

I believe that every woman needs a robe. They comfort you, provide a blanket of warmth when needed, cover you quickly, transport you from the bathroom to your room after a shower and are perfect for lazy time.That being said, theres different types of robes to choose from, each benefitting a different person’s lifestyle, like for instance, I own a blue fleece robe, yet I’m more of a satin robe person! If you have a robe of your own that you feel doesn’t suit you bet or maybe you’re looking for a robe, read this before you buy.

1. The White Terry Cloth

The white terry cloth robe signifies “Spa Luxury” to me. This robe is for the woman that’s all about beauty and shower time. It serves as a towel, which is perfect for this type of woman since drying off quickly with normal towels takes off all the water that could be hydrating your skin and legs if you air dry from the shower. By throwing this robe on, you get more coverage than a towel, which lets you walk freely around the house while drying naturally. This towel feels clean, is easy to wash and is perfect for me time in the bathroom trying face masks and hair masks.

2. The Earth Toned Softy

This robe is the mother of 4 robe. It’s soft, conservative and is perfect for mornings when you’re woken up at 6 to make a kid eggs. It’s durable for spills and feels like home with a pair of slippers. This robe is unisex, which is great if you want to get matching robes with your husband (can you say, monogrammed?!) such a nice anniversary present.

3. The Satin Beauty

This robe is the newlywed, living with boyfriend robe. It’s sexy, silky and flows like water. This robe is made for throwing over a bra and underwear and loosely tying it in a small bow. It’s perfect for when you want to feel like a Victoria’s secret model! I’d also use it for applying makeup in the bathroom to add that extra beauty factor to it. This robe is for looking and feeling truly feminine. If you’re living with friends or parents, I suggest not buying this because you won’t be able to leave your room comfortably with this on.

4. The Snuggie

No, not the commercial Snuggie, the robe made out of fleece blanket fabric! This is the robe I currently own. These are usually bought for children, and come in loads of colors. They’re so warm it’s rediculous, which gets to be highly unnecessary for me, because I live in southern california and its 84 degrees right now at 12:49 PM. These robes are for the kid at heart who loves plush baby blanket fleece and warmth.

5. The Cotton Robe

Like a faithful t-shirt, the cotton robe serves the same purpose. It’s more presentable than any other robe because of its t-shirt fabric and lack of novelty plush fabrics. This robe is perfect for moms who need their hands to be free to make lunches and tidy up the home. Unlike the other robes, this robe doesn’t have a lot of excess fabric around the arms, which can add trapped heat and make it difficult to move your hands around.

So there you have it! I hope you get the best robe suited for you. Remember to take into consideration your lifestyle when making the decision. Weather matters as well. Happy Robe Hunting!

Eva’s List of where to get Fabulous Robes
1. Brookstone -Fleece
2. Ralph Lauren, Nordstroms Rack- Terry
3. Victoria’s Secret -Satin, Kimono
4. Target- Cotton
5. JC Penny- Earth Toned