Spoil Your Clothes, Hang them Correctly! Hanger Tutorial

I know I’m not the only woman who’s guilty of having an entire closet full of plastic hangers acquired from Walmart and target and wire hangers with paper from the cleaners. These hangers, believe it or not, play a major factor in the look of your closet and even overall outlook on your entire wardrobe. When your hangers are cheap, your clothes automatically lessen in appeal and value. To pave the way for a closet full of clothes you really love, you have to set a good foundation. Hangers, no matter plastic or wood or metal, all come fairly cheap. Spending an extra $2 on a good looking, strong hanger could be the gateway into a new appreciation of your clothes. Here are my top hangers that I recommend you stock up on in your closet. Happy Hanging!

1. Felt Hanger


The felt hanger and I have a trusty relationship. To me, these are the best hangers you can get for your clothes as far as tops. The felt makes them cling to virtually any fabric, which is great for all my silky tops and camisoles that slip off easily with plastic. Also, the felt with metal underneath makes it extremely durable, so my winter coats won’t bend or wear the hanger down as opposed to plastics. Plastic hangers often make clothing look cheap and unappealing. Felt hangers provide a sense of maturity and elegance. These come in any color, but I myself have black and off white, which you can purchase at Walmart for a good price.


2. Silk Hanger


The silk hanger to me says "intimate". I would buy just a few of these hangers to hang my lingerie on or maybe a nice silk robe like the one I'm craving from Victoria's Secret. These hangers are good to have in a pink or if pink isn't your color at all, purple, to add a feminine touch to the closet. Buy a pack of 5!

3. Pant Hanger


I'm absolutely in love with these hangers now. I used to hate them because I was stuck on the plastic clip hangers for pants, but grew to love these just because how sleek and elegant they are themselves and how they make your pants look just as important. Your pants slip right off and slip right back on, which takes out the hassle of clipping them and having to make sure they're all straight and don't look wrinkled in the closet. Plus, having these hangers practically irons the jeans since they're in a compact, folded position against each other all day.

4. Short/Skirt Hanger


This hanger can be your best friend and look beautiful if you get the right kind, the right kind being Wood, not plastic. I won't lie, I've had my fair share of a collection of translucent Walmart yellow tagged medium plastic pant holders in my closet, but once I started buying these I realized how much nicer they make the whole closet look. These are great for your skirts and shorts and tube dresses,which don't make sense or look good folded onto a regular hanger. Remember, you want to display your clothes. That's what makes you want to wear them! That's why I don't believe in dressers besides for underwear and socks.

5. Scarf/Belt Hanger

I haven’t gotten this one yet, but it’s a new type of hanger to me. With the new trend of scarves, this would be a great investment. I wouldn’t say for winter scarves but more summer,thin scarves and belts. It’s a lot better than throwing them all in a drawer and having to fish for things and untangle them.