The Miracle Tampon


So up until junior year of high school I still hadn’t figured out how to put in a tampon (shocking, huh?) but I decided to join the swim team, and was faced with the thought of how I would go to swim practices in the future if I couldn’t wear a tampon? Well, I had to face that fear fast because I soon learned that the swim tryouts…was the week of my period.

Facing the Fear

I’d had terrible experiences with tampons my whole life, buying boxes of 18 and sitting in the bathroom while on my period virtually In tears because I had gone through 8-9 of the tampons on failed attempts. Finally, the week of swim tryouts I just had to go for it with everything I had…I bought Playtex Sport and It went in easily!

Sport Level protection

Now I’m not saying Playtex Sport did all the work entirely. That’s not what this review is about! It’s about how this same brand has led me through the rest of junior year, up until now. I love playtex sport because of my active lifestyle. I’m on a dance team, I run track and swim, and pads we never cutting it for me when I had to truly perform my best. Sometimes I forget I’m even on my period with these in! I never have to worry about cramps or anything after a day of using these.


The Tampon

It’s the perfect size. It’s small enough to not feel like you’re putting a whale in there, but large enough to do the job for up to 8 hours. It’s shape makes it easy to glide in, versus a more cylinder shape. Its plastic makes it more comfortable to go in, versus cardboard. If you’re having trouble getting it in, put some water on it or even a tad bit of lotion.


The box that I get is about $5 and is the 36 count with 18 regular and 18 super. Ive tried out my friends tampons in desperate moments when I don’t have one at dance/school and I can honestly vouch this is the best tampon you can but, especially for beginners like me.