Review on Clinique’s Makeup: Waterproof!


There are two products I started using in eighth grade, and haven’t stopped using since. It’s from the Clinique brand, and the products are Perfectly Real Foundation and All About Eyes Concealer.



The Good Stuff

These products together give full coverage, which is perfect for when you have acne scars. None of my friends could tell when I told them about my scars, and didn’t believe me! This makeup is also perfect for the water. It holds up in it! I can go swimming for hours and come out of the water and my foundation and cover up will still be holding on. The makeup comes in over 15 shades and there’s one for every skin tone. It lasts for me about three months and I wear makeup like…every day. The price for perfectly real is $24.00 and the concealer is $16.00. You’ll need a concealer or foundation brush for this, because the foundation is so liquidy if you apply with your hands you’re just going to waste a lot of it and get a streaky look. I use a Clinique brush.


The Problems

Although I’m in love with the concealer, which is a little tube that offers spot on coverage, the liquid foundation tends to have problems matting and comes off easily with the day and heat and sweat. My boyfriend likes to kiss my cheeks a lot, and I often find that I go to his house with my entire makeup done and it’s all gone within 2 hours. I tried on some powder foundation and it stayed on all night there, which I’ll do a review on soon because I loved it!