Why Seventeen Magazine Isn’t for Seventeen Year Olds

Today I feel was the passage of my womanhood, from lowly, high school 17 year old, to college woman. So if you’ve been reading my previous posts, you may know that I’m entering my freshman year at college, as well as also working on decorating my new room. Today I woke up, and i noticed that my grandma had slid the newest addition of Seventeen Magazine under my door. It was supposedly the “College Edition” and had a bunch of tips on room decorating and college fashion. I used to be addicted to seventeen, with all it’s love advice and cool fashion ideas, but to be honest, my whole senior year of high school washed that out. I was reading Cosmo. My best friend would bring it to class and we’d just veg on it in the back corner of 2nd period. I also had a boyfriend and it was getting pretty serious and long term(for high school, hah), so the need for flirty freshman boy advice wasn’t needed anymore. I needed real tips, for real love.

As soon as I saw seventeen under my door, I got happy that I’d have something to do. Yet after no more than 5 seconds I realized I didn’t have any interest in the Pretty Little Liars or the best jeans for your body. I grabbed it anyway, and sat on my bed to read it, but I just found myself skimming pages and pictures, flipping through the entire magazine in a matter of minutes. There was just nothing that interested me anymore. I’m not going to go up to a boy and say “Hey cutie! Movie l8r??(;” and everybody knows neon jeans were soooo 2009-2010! And come on, red flannel patterns on cheap Walmart cotton in different styles like the form fitting babydoll top was never in



I don’t know, maybe I just matured faster, but it seems hilarious and bittersweet that I’ve been reading seventeen since I was in sixth grade, and now I’m actually 17 and it all just feels like kid stuff. I’m growing into a much classier lady. I’ve always loved fashion but let’s be real, there’s outfits in seventeen we know is way too outrageous to ever leave the house in, and the advice given is sometimes fit for a Jr. High girl. Like I said, maybe it’s just me- but I know it can’t just be me. This is coming from an actual 17 going on 18 year old girl, and I’m realizing maybe 17 should be changed to Fifteen.



And also, just something I noticed that bugged the socks right off of me, when I was looking on google for a picture of seventeen to add into this post, I noticed like 85% of all the magazines had the word PRETTY plastered on the front. “Look Pretty!” “How to look PRETTY” “PRETTY HAIR IDEAS!” “Look pretty in THESE JEANS” “pretty for spring” “hey, pretty girl!” “pretty fall looks” “pretty new ideas” “301 ways to look pretty” ….I could go on and on. But seriously? There’s no more describing words you could think of? Sheesh…