125 pages of Fifty Shades of Grey


I grasped the frayed cover copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. It was my best friend’s book, and she’d been gushing about it for weeks. Come to think of it, every girl had been gushing over it for weeks. Friends, cousins, even mothers…we’re infatuated with this book. If you don’t know the hype on FSG, go do your google research, girl! I knew I had to get my hands on one. I had been waiting for quite a while to read her copy, and when I found it tossed to the backseat of her car on the way to the beach, I knew I had to pick it up. And so I did. And I read all the way there and back.

Bottom Line

I love it! It’s sexy, mysterious and the perfect escape for women too proud to google videos and too shy to explore, and you know what, I’ve even expanded my vocabulary just by reading this book!
I feel actually extremely proud that for once society (Hollywood, in particular celebrities) are endorsing this book and accepting it. Me, being a former AP Litersture student, have heard far too much about how for example in the 1800s society rejected Tess of the Durbervilles as it was too scandalous. It just shows how open we are now and days, I suppose!

Be Weary

This book (in all seriousness) is in my opinion more for single girls and women. If you’re dating someone like me, you may be too caught up in the main male character that you’ll want your partner to be the same. This “Christian Grey” dude is persuading even myself, the reader! As will he to you too, since that’s the point of a book and the protagonist/ antagonist relationship. Okay enough AP literature terms. In all realness, if you’re gonna read this book, don’t gush to your boyfriend/husband on how you wish you could be treated like “that”, and do “THIS” to me. It annoys them. I found out the hard way already! So secret taken FSG readers, I’m in your boat! And for all the other girls who haven’t picked up a copy yet, I strongly recommend you see what this book is all about. A copy is $15.00, but I’m 100% sure one of your friends has a used copy, and any book that can make me read 125 pages In a day is a book you should check out.

Xoxo, Eva!