A Poor Girl’s Guide to Trendy Lipstick

The hottest lipstick trend now is definitely shades of pink like baby or fuchsia. They both look unbelievably noticeable and flattering for most skin tones. Like me, i bet you’re wondering where you can snag some awesome colors like the ones below me! After taking a trip to the local sephora, trying on the colors and looking at the price tags for YSL, Lancôme and Nars lipsticks, I knew there had to be alternatives. So I set out on a journey (a rather quick one) and went down to Target. After 15 minutes of trying on every lipstick that promised the similar color on the bottle but in reality was just a transparent gloss, I finally found the needles in the Target Haystack. Here’s two of the hottest summer lip trends and how to get both looks for under $10, rather than $60!

Trend #1. Hot Pink and Fuschia




This summer trend is popping up everywhere with celebs. It's hot pink and Fuschia, and it looks fierce! Whether you pair it with a summer dress for a soft, preppy look, or a leather jacket and jeans for a nighttime look, it's going to be that added accessory to your outfit that makes you stand out.

Splurge: Mac Viva Glam Gaga $15


Deal: Wet n’ Wild Dollhouse Pink $2


Dollhouse Pink gets the job done just like the designer brands. The lipstick works like a charm for the look I wanted to achieve, and looks just as expensive when it’s on as the runway model’s. For 2 dollars instead of the $25+ lipsticks I saw at Sephora, this is steal. Mac’s Gaga Lipstick is the cheapest designer one I can find to compare.

Trend#2. Baby Pink


With the Baby Pink trend I wanted to achieve the same pop as hot pink, yet less noticeable and harsh. I found this trend in the YSL department and fell in love with how it looked on my tan skin tone and how it made me look and feel like a ballerina. This lipstick is delicate and dainty and is perfect for a summer dress or a day at the pool.

Splurge: YSL Lingerie Pink $35



Deal: Maybelline Perpetual Peony $6


Perpetual Peony gave me the same look I desired as Lingerie Pink from YSL, without the $35 dollar cost. This lipstick is much better quality then the Wet n’ Wild lipstick, offering moisture in the lipstick rather than just matte color. This lipstick I wouldn’t say lasts 14 hours like it promises. More like 4. But hey, who cares how long it lasts! It’s the color that matters.

I tried out these two trends for under $9, and I absolutely adore how they look on me! They make me feel truly girly and I’m so glad I got the trend for so cheap. When you have the lipstick on, you feel like a million dollars. Nobody has to know it’s not designer if it looks designer. Hey, it’ll be our little secret 😉

Xoxo, Eva