College Accessory Survival Guide

1. Comfy and Stylish Shoes



Anyone can rock a pair of these comfy and colorful Nike shoes. I love them because they aren’t as weird looking as running shoes, but aren’t as uncomfortable as sandals. I’m getting mine in bright colors like pink, green and grey so that I can pair it with jeans, my purse and a sweater on chilly, lazy mornings. You’ll never look boring with these on, and it’s a quick fix to an overcast, blah day.

2. Cute Keychain


It’s the little things in the day, the things that sparkle and pop that make me happier. You may not realize it, but just having little accessories that you find cute and seeing them pop up in the day makes it that much better, whether it be an asian pencil with a cap designed like a milk carton, or this juicy couture keychain (which I plan on getting for my car keys). My car is going to be my grandmothers old 1998 Chevy Lumina, in this light brown color. I know I’m not going to enjoy getting in it daily unless I personalize it with cute things like hibiscus flower seat covers, a cute necklace around the rear view mirror and this keychain for the keys!

3. Gold Chain Headband


You’re going to need something to keep your hair back during tests and studying, but as much as I love the rubber sports headbands, I’m all for fashion. And if you can take those rubber headbands one step forward to fashion town, i say let’s! Gold chain link is so cool and expensive looking, and a cheap accessory that can spruce up any blah outfit.

4. Beach Cruiser


My college advises getting an ugly bike, and an expensive lock. But….ugly bikes aren’t my thing. And I’ve wanted a beach cruiser since like, well birth. They’re practical for college! You don’t need a mountain bike to cruise on flat concrete.

5. Coffee Tumbler


With all the excessive drinking of coffee that’s bound to happen, its a good thing to buy a tumbler. If you have a Starbucks tumbler, you’re less likely to spend endless amount of cash at Starbucks. You’ll feel more inclined to brew some at home and put it in your cup. I’m more of a tea person, and I know I’ll be drinking it every day. I know this cup will come in handy and stay in place in my cup holder!

6. Cute USB plug


I’m getting a MacBook for college, and there’s only two USB cables in it. I’m used to having lots of stuff plugged in, and this urban outfitters USB cable is so cute! Be sure to pick up the cutest flash drive you can find as well!