Lookbook; Fashion junkie’s online bible


If you’re love of fashion is strong, you’ll love Lookbook (Lookbook’s Website). It’s a tumblr-esque blog site where real people just like us post daily photos of their outfits. It provides an extremely diverse atmosphere of styles, ranging from delicate, preppy chiffon dresses to hard black leather and studded combat boots. Each photo provides a look of a complete outfit, and often lookbookers take dual photo shots, one of the full outfit and the other attached photo of a highlighted close up shot of an accessory. If you’re like me, who sometimes browses clothing websites to see new styles,you’ll love lookbook because it shows you a complete outfit. You can set up your own account so you can save all your favorite looks, or even post some looks of yourself! If people love them, they’ll “hype” it, and if you get enough hypes , you could be featured on the front page. Check it out! There’s bound to be a couple photos you’ll adore just on the home screen. I get my best and most creative fashion inspirations off of lookbook.