How You Can Learn From Teen Love


When it comes to relationship advice, most adults think they are experts (Parents, thank you for the warnings on bad boys that we never took). So guess what? It turns out that teens have valuable lessons to learn from, that over 70% of adults reported to have not taken thought of in over 10 years! Chances are, if you’re over the age of 30, you may be lacking valuable knowledge that could lead to the growth and prospering of your current relationship, or even lead you toward finding the “One”.

Age is but a Number

Teens know how to jump into something head first, without questioning. Just as the thirteen year old girl is yearning for her first kiss, you could be yearning for your special knight in shining armor. You’re never too young, and never too old, to put yourself out there. There will always be someone you absolutely adore spending time with, so don’t ever think just because your boobs are sagging, your libido is as well. A personality you love can be a friend, or relationship that lasts a lifetime, and throwing yourself under a bus is just self damage. You’re still the same person as you were 10 years from now, with the same humor, appeal and thirst for life, so why shield yourself from others seeing it?

Nothing’s too serious

Teen relationships are often just a learning experience, where for a short amount of time one feels they are in “love”. Teen love is so blissful, because we’re often thinking about the now, not the 20 years from now. If you’ve been married for years, you’ve probably forgotten about the now, always worrying about bills or the mortgage. I bet you’ve barely taken a breather to escape and just lay with your partner. Forget about next week, forget about your child’s soccer practice. And this doesn’t have to be a sexual escape at all. In fact, the best moments to feel the now are just going to a nice park, laying down a blanket and talking. Talk about how you met. Talk about the first few months, even years before everything changed. Teens love to reminisce. Nostalgia is great. Don’t long for those moments again. This isn’t about being somber. This is about remembering how all those moments led to what a beautiful (yet hectic) relationship and lifestyle you’re in now.

Play around

Teens love to take risks. We go on dates that make us smile, become competitive, and play. When’s the last time you roller skated? Played mini golf? Went to Knotts Berry Farm? (and I’m saying without the kids!) I assure you, this is the stuff that brings back the teen in you. Enjoying these old time favorites together has a 100% smile guarantee, and I believe no matter what age you are, there’s no cutoff for having an amazing time (unlike those denim miniskirts…those end at 23).

Don’t Slack on the Squeeze

Teens have a habit of being touchy. Embrace your inner teen and take your love life outside of the bedroom (in extreme moderation, of course). I hope you don’t forget to plant a cheek kiss every day, give a hug and give the occasional butt squeeze. You do??? Well you should be giving little gestures of love all the time! As a teen, I know that we can’t keep our hands off of each other. We love to give random hugs in the middle of the sidewalk, kisses every time you enter the driver/passenger seats, and hold hands at all times. Don’t forget to either!

Do what you feel

Teens have a spontaneously passionate streak. I say, don’t ever let that go away. Say you have a car, and it goes up to 120 MPH. It can go fast, speed up easily, and has room to accelerate. Don’t drive it at 25 MPH, all the time! That’s what you’re doing if you never have the drive to be spontaneously passionate. That’s not just for teens. I say, if you want to rub his or her leg in the movie theater, go for it! If you suddenly feel the urge to kiss them a billion times after dinner, I’m not stopping you! If you want to jump into his arms while making dinner, I’m all for it! Don’t be vanilla housemates. Just because you’re 47 and married with 3 kids doesn’t mean you ever have to stop what you and your partner used to be.

I know that’s how my relationship is going to be when I grow older. I know it’s easy to lose track on how much you love someone, because the more “important” things in life beg for attention, but through everything, is the person who created it all by your side. Divorce is such a big bad wolf in America, and I believe a huge reason is losing sight of why you fell for that person in the first place. Get your teen love gusto back, even one night will make the world of difference. Go crazy, go share a milkshake, wear your sexiest dress and relive your freedom.