What’s in My Beach Bag?

Summer season is here, and being a few miles from the beautiful California beaches, I’m always finding myself packing my beach bag! Everybody knows the typical necessities; towel, sandals, shorts… But if you’re a true fashion lover and a girly girl, you’ll need to know everything you’ll need to trully stay cool in the sun. Here’s everything I take with me (minus the wallet). Hope you enjoy! (:

My Bag


My Nine West tote is perfect for the beach, because it’s casual enough to throw everything you need into it, yet not as “mother of 3” due to its trendy material. The shine it produces makes the bag look more youthful, and it’s easy to dust sand off, which is a major plus!

Cover Up



I saw a girl with the CUTEST coverup from Zara at the beach. I'm guessing it was around $35. It was white crochet and I've been seeing this trend a lot lately so my new mission is to go out and find one of those!!

Floppy Sun Hat


I get soooo many compliments on my orange floppy hat, which matches perfectly with my orange Nine West tote. I got it at target and it was $14.00. The hat protects you from the sun, looks super posh with a bathing suit, makes it easy to read on the beach and beside the pool, and the one I got has a bow on it to make it look extra cute!

Waterproof Mascara


Nothing screams major fail more than diving into the water like a goddess and popping up looking like someone from the exorcist because your mascara isn’t waterproof. I use falsies mascara for normal day to day wear, so when I’m at the beach I just use the waterproof version.



The number 1 cause of skin cancer is from not using sunscreen. I use banana boat because I really don’t believe in buying 30 dollar sunscreens. Whatever me you use is fine, just remember to at least wear it!

Jeweled Bikini



If you're really looking for attention from the boys at the beach, I'd go with a jeweled bikini. It adds attention in the right way. It's shiny and youthful, and this orange one makes tan skin tones look extra bronze. I'd take it one step further and rub on some of Victoria's secret's glitter lotion, which adds a little sparkle to your legs, stomach and arms.



I love my Oscar De La Renta frames, but I’m currently looking for some aviators. My color is definitely not black or silver for the actual plastic. I love lighter pinks, purples and reds. They add a much better and softer look to your face, and look ten times more approachable.

Day to Night Wedges



Wedges to the beach? I know. It sounds insane. But- its been done before, by my best friend, and she looked damn good compared to me. The trick is to not wear "heels" but to be borderline sandals, espadrilles, wedges. Like, buy sanwedpadrilles. They typically have a straw like border, with punchy fabric for the main look. These particular ones are black, which work best for when you're doing dinner or lunch on the beaches shop area. If you're just looking to stroll down the boardwalk, stick with 1 inch to 3 inch (pushing it) wedges instead, with a lighter color as its main feature.

A Football


If you’re trying to snag a cute guy at the beach, packing a football is the key. It’s a full proof way to get someone to notice you enjoying yourself, without looking like a slut dancing on the shore and taking Facebook pictures with your iPhone. Guys want to join in on your little football game, not your photo shoot. Invite some guys over and have them help you with your aim. My biggest tip is to first make sure you can throw a football decently… Things can be pretty embarrassing if you can’t.

Oversize Beach Towel



This is pretty self explanatory of something to bring, but one thing I love about my Beach towel is that its the size of two towels combined. Trust me, you'll need the space. You need to have room for your beach bag and your magazine and having them lay in the sand next to you isn't safe, plus, the extra room to spread out is always a luxury, and you won't have to worry about the edges of your towel being smothered in sand.