Facebook turning into Tumblr?

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the recent, rapid influx of photos on my Facebook wall of notifications, not from my friends- but from pages. Through Facebook likes, pages are able to share these photos on anyone’s account, even if you never visited them before. If one of your friend likes a photo, it shows up on your news feed, and since hundreds of thousands of people are transporting these photos to their entire friends news feeds, it’s clogging up your Facebook. Since Facebook organizes your news feed by “Top Stories”, you’re conveniently alerted on what your friends are up to, say for example one girl just got a new car and her photo got 74 likes. That’s a normal top story. Because of these photos with a mass amount of likes on each one, your news feed has nothing but them, which can be amusing to read (some photos) but isn’t that what tumblr is for? Facebook is supposed to be for friends, not for random photos. I’ve come to the realization that the hunger for Facebook “likes” is taking over what used to be a humble media site for friends and family to share their daily lives. Facebook is slowly turning into a big advertisement for teens.


This is an example of a funny photo. It’s become increasingly common to make photos, memes, as people call them, of relatable manners. This relatable factor is used as a plea for likes. Pages such as “TeenLikes” or “WereJustTeens” often put out the ever do common photos of blurred, teenage kids with some witty, cheesy comment typed across it such as “I’m a girl. I like football and don’t wear makeup. I’m real <3" so here's when a billion girls who think they're "real" too like the photo because they think it relates to them. Then it gets shared on my wall.


The other photo I despise so much is the completely obvious beg for likes. You may have seen these. They typically have captions such as “Hurry! who can like within 3 seconds!?!?” really…? Can it be more obvious than that?

…and then there’s the worst ones. The ones that make you want to crawl through the screen and slap the person who’s posting these pictures. You know, the ones with the bloody dog saying “one like = one prayer” yes. I’m sure you’re going to pray 241,000 times dude. And I’m sure Facebook likes will solve this dogs problem. You know, the photos of the no legged baby saying ” like if you think he’s beautiful. Keep scrolling if you suck.” like…honestly?!?! Or the soldier, saying “bring our troops home. Like this if you want them home. Don’t if you have no heart”. And the ones with photos of Jesus… I’m not even going to go there!

And what really makes me burst, is the fact that somewhere out there, nearly thousands of people are falling for these idiots traps, feeling the pity the photo poster is wanting them to feel,and liking these vulgar photos, as If a Facebook like is somehow going to change everything. Hint: if someones photo caption Is “like in 4 seconds and you’re cool” … You’re falling for someone’s bullshit need to get Facebook likes from strangers.

I’m all for the funny stuff! I love seeing something that makes me laugh! But when my Facebook is clouded by a bunch of stupid teen photos and photos of bloody people…I draw the line.