How to Get Everything You Want on Your Birthday


With my birthday being so close to me also starting my first year of college, you can imagine how many lists I’m frantically making (I make lists when I’m excited, so sue me!). I’m weeding out the finishing touches to my “absolute musts” list of things that I want for college. Things that aren’t necessities like flash drives and pens. Without further ado, this is how to get everything you want for your birthday.

1. Set Your Goals

You have to make a list of what your goals are. Know what you want. Say you want a laptop, some new shoes, an iTunes gift card and this purse you’ve been wanting online. Write it down. Only then can you start step 2, which is one of the most important steps!

2. Distribute

Okay, so now that you have your list of totally awesome presents you want, you need to start thinking about who will be buying you gifts, and then thinking about who would most likely be able to give you these gifts. For example, that laptop you want probably won’t be given to you by your best friend. The laptop is what you’re going to ask from your parents. Something like the iTunes gift card is more of a friend gift, and the purse is more of a boyfriend gift. Write this down next to each gift on the list.

Some good people to ask for presents are:

Your mom
Your dad
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend
Best Friend

3. Advertise your Wants

If you’re like me, you’re often shy about your birthday, not ever asking for anything specific in order to not be pushy or demanding. This approach won’t work if you really want something. When people ask what you want for your birthday, tell them! Tell your parents you want a laptop about a thousand times, and then another forty. And don’t slack on the details. If you want the new MacBook Pro 2012, you tell them, write it down, slip it in every conversation, send them links to reviews on it, and let them know where they can get it. If you don’t make it clear what you want, you’re just going to end up with a bunch of gifts you don’t want at all. Another way to Advertise your wants is to physically take trips to places where it’s being offered, and religiously point it out or stop to look at it (with the person you want to get it for you).

4. Scope out Deals

Everyone’s on a budget, and if you really want someone to consider a present for you, you need to find a place that sells it for a better deal than everywhere else. This boosts the consideration for actually purchasing something. Say the laptop is 1000 dollars at the apple store, but OMYGOSH! It’s selling on eBay for $650! Send them the link, and gush about how good the deal is about another thousand times.

5. Offer to Pitch In

If you’ve got money saved up, but not enough to purchase the product, a good idea is to ask for money, or for your family to pay the difference. Your parents will be happy to help you out in reaching a goal of something you really want and are willing to put your money in for. I wouldn’t try this on anyone else but family, though. Asking friends or boyfriends for money is a little trashy to me.

6. Throw a Party

A good way to stock up on random gifts is to throw a party, and invite all your friends and family. Not everyone will bring a gift, but I’m the type of person that doesn’t feel right showing up to a birthday party without a little something for the birthday girl. I’m sure I’m not the only one! You won’t get exactly what’s on your list of presents, but you’ll get some extra stuff that might be what you like, and chances are you’ll get plenty of gift cards, since that’s the number one go to gift for random friends.

Hope you get everything you want for your birthday!
Love, Eva