Juicy Couture’s New Arrivals are here! My Top 5

I was just browsing Juicy Couture’s New Arrival Section, and i thought I’d share with you my favorite finds! I absolutely love Juicy’s accessories and purse collection. I love the clothes too, although I would never spend 200+ on a juicy dress. Needless to say, I threw a dress I liked into this top 5. Enjoy! I’ll post a website link to the new arrivals.

New Arrivals!

1. This Über cute dress


To me, this dress says Kate Middleton meets Blair Waldorf, in a more casual, unaccessoried way. I love it because it’s just my preppy style. In the winter I’d wear it with black tights and black stilettos, with a white hat. (honest but true moment coming up) but I would again, never spend 200 dollars on a dress I’ll wear twice.

2. The Now Huge Trend of Two Different Length Necklaces


If you’re looking for some bling on your chest that you can wear virtually anywhere, this is the new trend to try. It’s not flashy like a statement necklace, yet it grabs the same attention due to its charm and glimmer it gives off. It’s the perfect accessory to pair with a swimsuit for the beach.

3. Deep Brown Purse


I love the color of this purse!!! It totally looks like amazing quality. And the scarf added on is genius to bring out the color of it more. I would wear this anywhere, because it’s so versatile.

4. Keychains!


I’ll be driving soon, and I’m currently looking for some super cute Keychains. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more between these two juicy new arrivals.


5. IPad Case


I just really love the hot pink studs! It’s so much different than any other plain old iPad case I’ve seen. Plus, I’m thinking the studs offer more traction and grip in your hands.