Awkward Moments with Fifty Shades of Grey


So a few days ago I was at my boyfriend’s house. I had just finished page 160 of the now notorious novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. I walked out of his room and took a double take at his mother, who had the infamous black book in her hand. What?!? I was slightly horrified, a little excited that we totally could start a two person book club, and a whole lot of triumphant (my boyfriend had been knocking the book, saying it was weird and nobody read it, despite my pleas saying everyone was reading it). I ran to his room, grabbed my frayed, curl edged copy, ran back to the living room and held my book up. We talked briefly about how we were both reading our friend’s copies, and my boyfriend managed to let out “Mom, why are you reading that!?!?” and her husband said “Eva, why are you reading that!?!?”…. I actually don’t know why I’m reading it, hahaha. So anyway, now that I read any sex scene all I can think about is my boyfriends mother, who is reading the same exact thing. #Awkwardteenmoments