Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs: Say Goodbye to Skin Cancer!


Ladies, if you’re planning on a trip to the spray tanner, the tanning bed, or the tempting towel on the beach… Hold it right there! Sally Hansen has a product that’s been out for a few years now, and I guarantee it works. It’s called Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, and is about $9 in drugstores. It’s a self spray tanner that comes in an aerosol can, in colors ranging from light, medium and deep.

I totally know how you feel! You want those golden legs you see on celebs. The tan that’s not Snooki orange but deep enough to have that perfect bronzy glow. Unless you’re born lucky, tanning from the sun doesn’t give us that effect (it certainly doesn’t on me!). The suns rays either burn us, or fry us, and the tan comes out looking dull and overdone. Spray tans sometimes can be amazing, but most of the time come out way too orange. I mean, you’re being blasted with orange substance!! So where is the middle line? Whats something that you can decide how much product you want and where you want it? Without UV rays damaging your skin or orange liquids misting your body in a tube… this is the product.

The Pros

It totally works. My skin tone isn’t pale white, nor is it deep brown. I’m more of an Asian yellow (no joke). Even though I’m not Asian at all. I bought medium glow. It gave me the perfect mix of pink/orange/brown/gold that I wanted to achieve. For this reason, I recommend medium for Asian women. This stuff is also super easy to apply. You can do it in your room or bathroom and not worry about a mess. Also, this could be bad but the stuff takes two hours to develop on your skin, so you could spray it in one small area, chill for a few hours and come back to see if you like it. If you change your mind within the first hour just hop into the shower and scrub!

The Cons

It says it’s waterproof. It’s not. I hopped right into the pool, came out and my shins and ankles looked like zebra stripes, which is super embarrassing because you can’t just go scrub it off. Once it’s on, it’s on, and it comes off when it wants to. Thats my second con; it’s a messy removal process. It scrubs off in gross flakes of rubbery dirt, and you really have to scrub ( I can’t stress this enough) if you want it all off.

The Down Low

This stuff does what it’s told, but for a hefty price to pay after day two or three. If you’re going to a wedding, a formal event or have a really sweet date, this stuff is perfect to wow people for one night. If you’re looking for long term tanning, I’d go with a tanning booth, since its truly waterproof, but, I would never really tell a person to get a uv tan. Nothing is worth the amount of damage that has on your body!