Android v.s Apple: A Normal Girl’s Perspective

For most people, its clear that apple trumps android. If you look around on internet forums though, it seems like everyone’s swaying you towards android! Why? Because android is directed to people who need unlimited freedom. Its more appealing to men who like to jailbreak and color everything and have the ability to have 40 apps on one home page swype rather than the standard 20. Android is easier to customize completely, meaning android is perfect for men who don’t like the organization that comes with Apple. If you’re not a complete tech junkie, and you’re just looking for an honest review from someone who isn’t obsessed with android products, this is for you.

1. Appearance

The IPhone 4s, Apples best phone yet

The Droid Razr Maxx, Androids best new phone

In terms of phones, Android still hasn’t upgraded to the now familiar gorilla glass that makes up the exterior of the iPhone. Android sticks to plastic frames, which makes it more durable when dropped, but I rather have the glass look than the plastic matte look.

2. Ios v.s Gingerbread

Android for some reason calls all their software upgrades names like gingerbread (that’s the only one I remember now). Apple calls it IOS. When I first got my android phone, I loved it. It was a way better upgrade from my basic phone, and I loved downloading all the new apps! Then I got an ipad, and I realized everything I was missing out on. Ill get to that later, because for now I’m on appearance. Basically androids appearance seems extremely cheap next to apples. The screen resolution lacks brightness and clarity, the app icons are unorganized and scattered unlike apples signature bubble like icons, androids pull down bar is basic, unattractive and has no variety. There’s no creating folders of apps like on the apple software either.

3. Applications

Once you have an apple product, you never touch your android one. Apples app store offers a higher quality selection of free applications than the android market. There’s no app on android that I could say is better than an apple app. Once I had my ipad full of applications, there was no need to use my android phone for other than texts and calls.

4. What’s missing

Android doesn’t offer some of the things apple does, for example, the apps that come pre downloaded for android aren’t even useable. No one wants the apps, yet you can never delete them. Such as TwiDroid. It’s an alternative twitter app that lacks the style and social appearance of the real twitter app. Why use that when you can just get a real twitter app? Android also lacks these two things that is a deal breaker for me; android lacks an easy way to dim brightness, and it also lacks an easy way to force close apps to save battery, like apple does. To force close on android, you have to dig through the millions of settings to find the list of running apps, go into each one and click force close, wait about 3 seconds, then do it again for each one.

5. Music player

Below Androids Music Player



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Below Apples Music Player



Apples music player is far more attractive than androids. Apple puts your music on display, while android simply stores it. Androids music player is virtually just a list of all your songs on a black and white menu. If you’re not familiar with apples Itouch music look, well, you’re crazy, and go watch a YouTube video right now! I just really appreciate how apple took time to design that amazing album scroll feature, and the simplistic look, loaded with luxury features.


For a normal, teenage girl like me, Apple is the way to go. Anyone who loves and appreciates organization, simplicity and ease of mind should go with Apple. You get all these amazing features that you’ll love, such as the calendar, which is amazing and far more attractive than android’s, the reminders app, which is beautiful and comes in handy, and that’s just naming two. Android isn’t for most women, I’m just going to flat out say it because no one else will, but I think the crazy men who promote androids on the web specifically like to get stuff for free, have no limitations, and don’t care about appearance.

With android you’re missing out on apps like Snapchat, Instagram has more features on apple, there’s apps you’ll never see on the android market that are on apples. Apple is just 100% more beautiful in every way. Every app is crafted finer, the glass screens are a pleasure, and the exterior, nothing on android can compete with.

I suggest myself, coming from someone who likes higher quality of appearance, to get an apple phone v.s an android. You’re life will be much easier, you’ll be more connected with your friends, since you’ll have the same apps as them, and you’ll have so much more fun with your phone. If you have an android you’re not getting the most out of what a phone can do.

Basically, you can spend $199 for the Droid Razr, the newest android phone, which is still missing most capabilities of the apple phone, or you could spend $100 for the iPhone 4, and be amazed and satisfied for years. The monthly payments are the same, both are smartphones. You make the decision on how you want the next two years to go.