Cameron Diaz: Style Queen of Cold Weather Cool

Cameron Diaz has always been a beautiful woman. She’s mature, yet has always kept a bubbly, youthful personality, especially in her fashion! So how does Cameron keep up her style icon status while being in New York’s frigid weather 24/7? By her favorite cold weather style staples, the scarf and the blazer!

Learn from Diaz’s cold weather fashion tip and stock up on different textured scarves and colored blazers for fall and winter.

1. The fall to winter scarf and white blazer

perfect for those mornings when it’s chilly walking from class to class! You should stick with wool textured and soft flannel textured scarves for this look, and a comfier blazer, in a soft, white fabric.


2. The Grey, Long Scarf

This scarf is longer than the first scarf, less bulky, and tapered to a wavy look. It’s mostly for fashion purposes, but still gives tons of warmth.


3. The Fashion Scarf

This is definitely just for fashion purposes, and it’s perfect for adding coverage to a low cut top, or adding a little more dimension to that plain white tee. Look for these in a cotton fabric. Paired with either a white or black blazer is the next step to taking this look from comfy to comfy professional chic.


4. The circle scarf

The circle scarf can be for fashion or warmth purposes, but it looks amazing regardless! These create the perfect little frame for your face, and looks best when your hair is up (think Sock Bun) with some pearl earrings. Add a blazer and a low cut striped top for a perfect collegiate look. It’s comfy and easy to strip off the layers when it gets hotter during the day.