Eight Reasons to be Stoked for College!

1. New Tech Swag


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Chances are if you're going to college, a laptop is essential. It's your new BFF, guiding you through all those long, studiously worked on and well thought out essays. LOL, totally kidding. It's for sparknotes browsing, watching YouTube videos and googling every question on your homework assignment.

Great News Though. Your parents don’t ever have to know that. And we won’t tell them, after all, they’re the ones paying for it and they want to believe its for good reasons, right? Right.

I’m getting my MacBook at Gain Saver. If you’re looking to save hundreds of dollars, but you still want an apple laptop, go here. Go now.

2. A Cool New Set of Friends


New friends are definitely going to come from all places in college. It’s not like high school, where everybody knows everyone Thank sweet Jesus. Im definitely taking advantage of that and joining a ton of clubs and sports, and maybe even pledging to see what all the hype is like!

3. A Car To Drive


Unless your parents hate you or you’re moving in from out of state you’ll probably be driving some sweet wheels. Just kidding,you’re most likely driving your moms car she had in the 90’s. Regardless, you can get places. This will come extremely handy, when all your friends want to go to impromptu trips to concerts, pizza runs and weekend beach trips. Busses take you places, but when you’re in college, unless it’s a super tight knit college town, no car = no social life.

4. Two Words; College. Boys


Ahh, the college boy. He’s hot, tan, shirtless, wearing nothing but jeans, a backpack, a maltipoo and a smile. Reality Check. More than likely it’s a slightly pudgy, tea drinking, slouchy jean and hoodie with a hint of spilled relish smell, acne scarred sandal wearing chump who wears a thumb ring and carries his laptop like a newborn baby and often spends his Friday nights hitting up the local Starbucks to hit on girls with the excuse that he’s an engineer major. BUT, we all can dream, correct? And there are those rare moments when a guy is actually your fantasy guy! When this moment happens, drink it in. It doesn’t happen often around my college.

5. Working Out


With all the extra free time you’re getting in college, you owe your body some training, even if it’s just a run around the campus. Here’s the honest truth; I don’t work out to get skinny. I could care less about losing 10 pounds for freaking bikini season. It’s all about getting noticed. Working out is putting yourself out there to meet new friends and of course, new boys. So staying inside all day is cool and everything, and I’m sure you and your One Direction postered wall get along real nice, but tip; getting active= getting to know people. Getting to know people = more friends.

6. Parties


The inevitable parties of college. Something to be excited for as a change from high school (unless you went to the coolest high school ever). Now you’ll be seeing more themed parties, costume parties, parties for every occasion, and drinks for every person. Don’t be stupid and become the freshman slut though. And yes, you will be labeled as just that. Be smart about how you party.

7. Moving Away


Unless you’re commuting, like me (boo, hoo), you’re the luckiest bastard ever. So take advantage of that! Get to know your roommate! Plan out decorations. Go online shopping together and have fun designing everything! Moving away is awesome if you can do it. There’s so many activities you’ll know about going on, and so many new opportunities open!!

8. Freedom


And last but not least, the freedom. You’re an adult now, you’re in college. You can apply to tons of jobs, buy lotto tickets, drive to the movies at 2 AM if you want, sleep all day… Just, a ton of stuff you couldn’t do if you lived with your parents and weren’t 18. I’m most looking forward to having a car and driving whenever I want to go somewhere!!!

Eva’s Random Survey

What Tech Swag are you Buying? I’m getting a MacBook 2010 from Gain Saver, a poodle USB hub from urban outfitters, a pink Micheal Kors laptop case and a flash drive hopefully in a cool hidden design.

How are you Making Friends? I’m pledging a sorority to see how it is, I’m taking Dance 101, I’m also planning on joining intramural soccer!

What Car will you be Driving? My grandmas old 1998 Chevy Lumina. Csn You Say, Riding Dirty? Hopefully my financial aid will help me buy a PT Cruiser like my moms.

Best Tip to Picking Up College Boys Work out in a sports bra, be confident, take up on their interests and make yourself seem super cool.

Best Tip to Turning off College Duds Tell them you can’t hang out because you’re late for your Women of Chastity and Feminism club, but he’s welcome to join in.

What will you be working out on at the Gym? My college has a rock climbing wall and a pool. Yeah, I’ll be there.

Theme Party You’re Most Looking Forward To Halloween, I want to be something super derogatory. I’ve never had the chance to!!

What Will You Do with All That Freetime? Work out a lot, study, and I’m really going to try making YouTube vids, like tutorials and hauls. I buy too many things ❤