A Cheap, DIY dinner date plate!


Its not everyday that we can all go out and fine dine next to our loved one. Sometimes we just want to stay inside! The most simple dish I always find myself making with Nick is the classic steak, veggies and steamed rice meal. It looks beautiful on the plate, its clean, colorful, Mega healthy and cheap!

The good thing about this plate is that its definitely a team player plate. The woman’s not making everything. Nick makes the steaks while I’m right beside him steaming the broccoli and carrots. We both work on the rice together and then I fix the plates in an artsy, fine dining type style. After, don’t forget to have desert! Our favorite is brownies with vanilla ice cream on top, which is also a team dish.

So how do we get that restaurant ambiance? Its super easy. We set up a little table outside at night, or sit at the dining table for those colder times, and add one candle in between each other. I suggest a lilac and vanilla smell (men are attracted to that scent!).

For drinks we pour Welch’s grape juice in flutes (were still under 21, okay!?) But feel absolutely free to add wine into this delicious dinner.

Eat up, and enjoy! All for under $15

What you need:
Head of broccoli
One carrot
Two grilled steaks
Steamed rice
A1 steak sauce