Fashion Week provides Fall 2012’s New Trends: Hint (there’s a whole lot of recycled fashion!)

Fashion week provides us each year to an insight on what’s coming up in the future, this season, Fall 2012. The designer’s shows each had a different flare, showing off their own, amazing style. We saw some great hints to what’s going too be coming to stores soon, and we also saw a ton of repeats! Here’s a summary of what stood out from Fall 2012 fashion week.





Burnt Orange and Fur

The strongest thing I see in all of those outfits is the color orange! Orange is the new color of BCBG Max Azria, and it’s quite flattering, shattering the common idea that nobody can pull it off.



We can always count on Burberry to bring Tweeds to the table. This season they emphasized cinched waists by belts, belts with a constant bow tie in the center. Is this the new statement accessory? It’s awfully cute!



Menswear, again.

I didn’t want to bore you with more pictures of men’s ware (pats yawning mouth). We’ve seen all the pantsuits we can take, Georgio Armani and Miu Miu!




Plaids, Sequins and structured Leather

Micheal Kors, we’ve seen it all before! Especially plaids and sequins. Now look, I’m in college, and I remember when plaid was in (2010, I’m sure) and my age group didn’t even wear it. Plaid was always jr. High, and no grown woman should be wearing it. No matter how expensive those ponchos are, if I owned it, it’d collect dust in the fashion shame abyss of the back of my closet.

Sequins only look good if it’s a nice shift dress, and even then, sequins are gaudy. I only wear jeweled items if I’m looking for some shine. We aren’t disco balls, and im sure of myself that I won’t be hopping back on the sequin train this fall.





The Designers Who Got it Right

Ahh, just what we want! Originality! A pleasant surprise! These styles are what I’m looking forward to seeing tons of knockoff, more affordable clothes made from. This, ladies and gents, is what’s the future of Fall Style 2012. Enjoy!