What your Little Black Heels are Telling Men

Shoes are so amazing. They have this unbelievable ability to tell your life story, right as you walk out the door. I’ve got a pretty good shoe-dar on what women’s shoes they wear say about themselves, and guess what? Guys do too! Don’t fail me on your next first date. Don’t fail yourself either! We all need every chance we can get to attract that sexy someone. Shoes tell your whole life story, so make it a good one! Which shoe are you? Find out, then read the last, for the best choice!

The I’m in a relationship with my Business Stiletto…if we could even call it that confidently.


The ultimate powerhouse woman shoe. You’re probably a lawyer, a social worker, or something else that’s sad. It’s the only excuse for purchasing such a shoe. Well let you slide if the job demands it, but if you own a pair of these before the age of 30 and your job doesn’t make you wear these, you’re definitely not living life how you’re supposed to. Girl, slip into something higher! You can walk in them, you’re a woman. Men want to see the curve of your calf, and your sexy legs deserve better than these! Especially if you’re on a mission to meet that special someone. Your shoes are definitely holding you back, and yes, shoes can do that.

The I bought these at Charlotte Russe on Clearance shoes


Wee Woo, Wee Woo!! Fashion police coming through. You get a ticket for not investing a penny in good heels. You’re a compulsive shopper, who buys whatever has a bright sale ticket on it, not realizing what utter crap you’re paying for. Think of this, for three pairs of ghetto, flimsy plastic heels from the clearance rack, which you’ll wear once for each pair, you could go to Steve madden and get one pair of sturdy, expensive and finely made heels, which will last you years and go with everything. Men like a girl with class, and these scream “easy”.

The Edgy Girl pumps


You’re definitely an independent woman, who has an eye for the latest trends. For some guys, this may attract them more (which is awesome that your eye candy has great taste!) but for some it may turn them off. The studs definitely say you keep up with your fashion, but they could also definitely say you get bored easily. Unlike a classic, timeless pump, you’re wearing one covered in studs, which every girl knows is a hot trend currently. You probably bought these within the last month, which means last months heels are old news. You’ll probably wear these twice, then move on to a new pair. Don’t make your man feel like this!

The I’m on Top…Always shoe


Men love girls that take charge in the bed! They love them, for one night. If you’re looking for a man who you can trust loves your personality, stick with a more neutral shoe, and maybe opt for a unique shirt of skirt instead of a leather shoelaced heel. This shoe says it all, what you see is what you get, and as a woman, you always want to keep an air of mystery. Let him find out you’re an on top gal when the time is right, not when you walk into the restaurant.

The I wore these to freshman Homecoming shoes


These shoes say to me that you couldn’t care less about heels. You own one pair and it’s these, the ones you’ve had for years, that have been your go to BFF for homecoming, prom, and all those pesky banquets. Your mother might have dressed you for this date, or your sister, and everyone’s rooting for you to finally meet someone. The flower in front is the real problem, and the cheap, satiny feel with the peep toe. You probably got these at Charlotte Russe too. Be different sometimes, and grow up! It’s time to upgrade to a new pair honey. Something a little more 22 year old.

The Cute as a Button, I love art and writing and square framed glasses shoe


Your shoes definitely show a sweet side, perfect for attracting the right men! The problem is, most men won’t get these shoes. Although, they don’t pose a major threat to attracting a decent man, like the other shoes. Be warned that these shoes are a style risk, and should only be worn if you know exactly how to style them. These shoes definitely show off your style as a indie, hipster (I totally just went there) kid.

Ahh, The Classic Leather Pump


What a relief. No patent leather, no shoe laces, no studs, just a clean, expensive looking black shoe. This is what men love; a well put together woman, who knows she’s confident and in charge of herself. While the other shoes scream “notice me!” and “I’ll definitely go home with you tonight”, these shoes really don’t scream anything. They whisper, where you have to lean in really close to hear. They don’t lay their life story on the table. They’re mystery. And wearing these, the man will never know exactly what you want from him that night. He won’t even care. He’ll be too busy drooling at those legs.