Eva’s Fun Filled Birthday Wish list! (A girl can dream, right?)

I’m a list girl. I love making lists of everything! So here’s my list of what I’d love for my birthday. 90% of it won’t happen! But hey, I can dream!! My birthdays tomorrow, and I’ll be 18! Enjoy 🙂


Some Cool Pillows and Decorations for my new room!

I need awesome throw pillows to liven my all white bed!! Colors like purple and more white.


A keychain for the car keys I’ll hopefully soon have!

I’m in love with this juicy couture one!


A Bike…hello, college?!

Without a car, it’s pretty hard getting anywhere. At least a bike will take me a few miles.


I’ve wanted a Dress Form Mannequin since I was 10!!

I just want to dress it up in my clothes to see how they’d look, and make outfits from them!


Cool Athletic Walking Shoes

I need these for college! I love the nike collection, in especially blues and pinks and greys.


Some new Leather Boots

I. Love. Boots. Unfortunately I have no more heeled ones 😦


This awesome work out bottle! In the Green!

What better way to get motivated to work out at college then a cute Victoria’s secret bottle??


A Makeup Caddy would so come in handy

This looks amazing.


My Damn MacBook Pro!!! (was supposed to be my graduation present…never got it)


A Teapot… I’ve wanted a cool antique teapot for ages

I just love tea. Teavanas are sweet but they’re expensive!!


This Satin Robe from Victorias Secret!!

It makes me feel all sexy!!