College Girl’s Dream Room! DIY

Okay, sorry for the poopy photos, but my laptop isn’t working and unfortunately apple still refuses to add a USB outlet on the iPad so I can’t plug in my canon to show you all the vibrant, awesome quality photos! Bare with me, the ideas are still the same!

So in one day my room went from drab, cluttered and a horrid shade of this sea foam green mixed with blue curtains and absolutely no order. My bed was basically one pillow and whatever blanket I could find in the laundry area. Oh hell no, that is not how I’m living freshman year. Basically, if I couldn’t dorm like my friends, I’m sure as heck gonna make my room a college haven!

So it started with my bed. I don’t have a picture of it, because none of my phones photos showed its true beauty! I got a comforter and two duvets, one all white and one a pretty white with yellow flowers on top (both from target). I also got new white sheets, a long white pillow ( you know when you always see beds and the pillows are so high and fluffy, it looks like a couch? Yeah, that’s from these awesome pillows). I got two white pillows and I sewed a satin lilac pillow case for the middle pillow. So now my bed looks like a sunny, royal throne (no kidding).

Floor and Paint


The floor was expensive… It’s allure “wood” in the color cherry from home depot. We bought 6 boxes which came out to around 400+ dollars, but we only ended up needing 4 and 1/2 boxes for what I believe is an 8×12 room. It looks fabulous though, and so much better than the nasty square laminate that was there before.

Paint was from the Behr collection at home depot, in I believe eggshell white and blooming lilac. For lilac I only painted one wall and used it as my accent wall, so I got it in semi gloss.

I got the eggshell in whatever basic one they recommended.

For the rug, I bought a 5×6 white fluffy rug from Big Lots, which looks perfect on the dark wood finish! It’s big enough to stretch from my bed to my closet.

In the corner I have my magazine rack with my cosmos and seventeens, and plugged in I have my mini fridge that’s in the closet.

One Wall


For the wall closest to my door, which was all white, I mounted my whiteboard. It was pretty ugly though, because the black ink had smudged the outer frame, making it look grey. I didn’t want that on my fresh white wall, so with mounting squares I taped a frame out of yellow polka dot ribbon from walmart! It looks so cute!

Underneath I put a little robins egg blue shelf, and on it went minimalist with my one expo marker and my tommy Hilfiger perfume.

The Accent Wall


Go big or go home. To see how I made this excellent accent wall and desk, I have a whole blog post on it!

Desk: goodwill, painted it white and trimmed it with pink polka dot ribbon and it looks amazing.



I’m in love with my closet! This photo is just of the side of it, where I painted these little ball hangers purple and hung my purses on display (some of them). I can’t stand seeing purses on the floor. It makes me forget how awesome each one is and I forget to use them all!

So for the inside of the closet, sorry no picture, I have all my clothes hung with black felt hangers, specialized pant hangers, and clip hangers for skirts and shorts. On top on the shelf I have my white three tier wooden shoe holder, boots on top, to the left I have this quirky little metal bathtub accessory with my chi hair products in it, and to the left of that I have a shelf with little canisters that hold my jewelry.

Underneath my clothes I have on the right my black dirty clothes bin, my mini fridge in the middle and a black waist high book case on the far left which I’m using as a boutique like shelf for all my accessories, I.e wallets, sunglasses and belts. On the sides of the closet I’ve hung my floppy sunhat and my little tweed hat.

I love my closet now because it’s just how I wanted it, strictly clothes only. It looks like my own little boutique! Everything is on display, which makes it so much easier and more fun choosing what to wear.

Pretty soon I’m gonna have a white dress form mannequin for my sewing, and to dress up in my clothes to see how they look! It’s gonna go in the corner by the purse collection.

Not pictured is my white rolling mirror shelf. Its a big white rectangular box with one side a full length mirror and the other three big cubbies. That’s where I have my piggy bank, towels, nail polish box and tampons.

Under my bed I have my duffel bag, a box of paper for my computer, and two little storage crates in yellow that hold my beauty supplies.

Hope you enjoyed learning about my new room!! It’s so clean, and unlike my old one which would have gotten super messy in a week, this ones so minimalistic and gorgeous I won’t ever need a deep clean.