How to do the Accessorized Accent Wall Right (Must see these Results!)


Yay!! So I’ve finally gotten to do this DIY project. Let me start by saying this is the coolest project for a teenage girl’s room ages 10 and up. And I’m sorry for the poor quality, as i shot this photo off of my phone! It may be hard to collect items for anyone younger. This looks amazing in my room on my accent lilac wall (all the others are eggshell white from behr).

So you’re going to need to compile a lot of random things that describe you, like photos, maybe essays you’ve written, awards you’ve won. For me I used a lot of photos of my friends and I. I also used a picture from when I was 8 and had to write about what I want to do in college and the future, which was PERFECT because I’m redoing my room for freshman year of college! It’s all in baby writing and spelt wrong and there’s a drawing of me in front of a college ahaha. I also used the birth certificate from a build a bear I made with my boyfriend on prom night, an excerpt from an idea catalog that talks about relaxing, a note from my boyfriend In his sloppy writing and a drawing from my schools newspaper.

But, it can’t all be photos and framed memories. That’s where the accessories come in. This is what I used:

My performing arts chord from graduation, which I hung over a frame if you can see the string thing

My BO letterman letter from high school dance production

Two license plate frames from my high school, from dance and drama

A ribbon I won in 7th grade from a track meet

A little film reel thingy (down at the bottom)

A photo reel of Audrey Hepburn

Two jewelry hangers from Claire’s in letters M and E (my initials)

Okay, so now that you have all your cool stuff, you need to make it even cooler!
How I did that, was using my leftover stickers from micheals craft store. I put up little flower wall decals, I added sticky orange jewels to little parts of the wall, I added a “this is me” little felt sticker under a photo of myself, and I added my colleges bumper sticker in the bottom right corner!

Not done yet (; So you’re also gonna need to get some use out of this wall academically. For that reason, I added a rectangular cork message board right by the door, and pushed in a dorm checklist from Walmart and my entry card for my college orientation. Also, on top of the cork board you may notice a little dangly thing. That’s my keychain, which I’m going to eventually DIY a little key holder in its place, for my car keys! So now when I leave each morning I can easily check the message board and grab my keys.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make walls like these that are getting so popular!

If you’re liking my desk at the bottom of the photo, I bought a 50 dollar wood desk from the goodwill and spruced it up with leftover white paint, then trimmed the outer area with pink polka dot ribbon and mounting square tape from micheals, and it looks darling!