Small space, Big Use: How to Organize your Closet Boutique Style

We all (well, most of us women) have had at least once…a sucky closet. You know, the closet with more than just clothes. I’m talking books, old files, shoes you never wear, a cardboard box full of storage…sound familiar? That used to be my old closet, but with the help of a deep cleaning and careful organizing, I turned my small, non walk in closet into my own little fashion store, that looks just like a personal boutique! Below I did a draw up of how I organized mine. Enjoy!


1. Shoe Rack

My closet is eggshell white. I keep my shoes on a wood, white, two tier shoe rack, with my boots on the top, heels in the middle and other shoes at the bottom. I also keep my shoes on the top shelf of the closet because my closets organization goes from toe to head (up to down). My shoes are also more on display on the shelf, than they would be under my clothes on the floor. You need a shoe organizer, and I don’t recommend those bag hanger ones. They’re tacky, and can’t hold boots. This means your boots are getting thrown on the floor, so unattractive.

2. Shower Caddy

Next to my shoe rack I have a locker organizer, which is basically just an added shelf space. On top I have these cute little tins I DIY’ed and jeweled, and I keep my jewelry in them. Underneath I have this nifty and cute little mesh bathtub, which I use as a shower caddy. It holds my most used hair products, like my chi spray, aussie heat protectant and my Victoria’s secret perfume.

3. Trophies

Random, but, I had no other place in the room for these babies, so I stored most away and only put up my two biggest dance trophies.

4. Hats

This is where my closet gets super boutique like. I discovered my hats fit perfectly on the sides of my closets, and they hung strong off of just one push pin each! I’m currently holding my floppy sun hat and my tweed cap.

5. Boutique

I took a small, three shelf bookcase and used it as a little display shelf. On it, I have my accessories such as small wallets, sunglasses and belts. This is is handy because it makes it way easier to access all of your cute stuff. You’re never looking for anything anymore because it’s all on display right there. Also, it makes it so no accessory is left behind! When you always see your leather pink wallet, you might forget about that gold dressy wallet you have because it’s lost somewhere. Nope, not anymore, now both are right next to each other for you to choose!

6. Clothes

My clothes are hung up with mostly felt feeling hangers, and are arranged from shirts to sweaters to my jeans, to my maxi dresses and dressy dresses, to skirts and shorts, to leather jacket, trench coats, and hoodies! It’s important to have an organized closet because it makes it that much easier finding what you’re going to wear in the morning. I mean, you could be searching for 5 minutes for one shirt buried in your closet, or you could take 1 because you only have one small section to search through, instead of the whole closet. I can’t explain it completely, but I can just honestly tell you you’ll just feel how much easier it is in the morning.

7. Laundry

I keep my laundry in a black laundry bin with rollers. This, along with a trash bin, is one of the most vital things you must have in your room in order for it to stay cleanly. Without one of these, your nasty clothes will be thrown about the room, and you’ll have to eventually collect them all. A laundry bin makes the process so much easier!

So now you have an idea on how to make your closet look like an organized little boutique of your own! You’ll know where everything is. It will make life a thousand times better and easier, and picking what to wear will be fun! I know it is for me. What I love about my new closet layout is that its all clothes shoes and accessories. It makes all my cute things stand out. One thing I didn’t mention was that I hung my purses up on the other side of the closet. This makes once again a beautiful display of them, and makes it so that I don’t forget about one of them! Happy closeting!