Journa-blog: The Fairy Tale Journey of an Incoming Freshman

So far, college seems like its going to be amazing. All my fellow freshman buddies on my school’s Facebook group are sooo excited!!! Im finding myself writing blog post after blog post on how excited I am, and all my college must haves and college dorm ideas. I just finished my new bedroom, which I’ll post actual good photos of once I get my laptop (which is the biggest thing I’m stoked to get before school starts!). My rooms all ready, and I cant wait to use it to its fullest potential during the year. It’s just so clean! Like I seriously trashed about 70% of the clutter that was in it. Okay… So I didn’t trash it yet, more so it’s chilling in piles in every room of my house, waiting to be donated.

My wardrobes still pretty high school, which is what I’m worried about. It sounds kind of bad, kind of mean for all the high schoolers, but most of the time your clothes aren’t fit for the high school to college transition. Like me for example, I love trendy, cute, forever 21 dresses with polka dots and ribbons. That ain’t gonna cut it in college. Obviously I’m going to walk around with “freshman” written on my forehead. So sadly, I’m maturing into the jeans, neutrals look. The Blair Waldorf inspired me will have to wait until off days. Luckily I only have school Tuesday and thursday! (another perk of the college life).

Seriously though, I’m like so excited its embarrassing. I’m thinking so deep into this that I’m even wondering about my go to DRINK for the mornings, clipping magazine photos of outfits I love, and making lists (my followers should know I’m a list-whore). I know sadly this hypes probably going to fade after a few months of the real college life. But it’s just so much fun dreaming of how different my life will be in T- minus 24 days… Not that I’m counting or anything.

Love, Eva