The Best Fashion Advice I Can Remember

Just another Fashion Failure In Hollywood

Fashion is so much fun! I can’t be the only one who loves to shop till I drop. But what happens when you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for? And you end up spending your hard earned money on trend garbage. To create the best wardrobe you can, you have to first know your body, and know the basic newtons laws of fashion. Okay, so newton didn’t write any fashion laws, but time certainly did! By learning from celebrities mistakes, over time these basic rules of fashion have trickled down into our feeble normal people’s hands. Magazines are my fashion bibles, and I’ve accumulated a good idea on what looks good and what certainly doesnt. Here’s just a few fashion rules that come to mind!

Neutrals and solid colors look more expensive. Save funky patterns for scarves, bags, jewelry and the occasional party dress.


Don’t buy cheap and plentiful. If you go out shopping, go out with the intention of buying something expensive that will last for a long time. If you happen to find something ah-mayzing in the clearance then get it… But seriously only get it if it looks and feels like it cost 1000 dollars. Because when you always buy cheap you’re gonna end up with way too many clothes you absolutely hate. Think of it this way, if that shirt you’re buying on clearance for 10 dollars really costed 60+, would you still think its good enough to actually purchase? If not, it’s crap.

You find better deals from your favorite stores online shopping than in store.

Buy all your purses and sunglasses from TJ Maxx. You’ll save a bunch and be able to buy more. Plus their selection is unbelievable and changes every week, since they get new designer things twice a week.

No one can pull off bright orange, unless you’re a runway model. But even then, you’re not going to want to take that look off the runway. You’ll scare everyone away.

Makeup ideas from seventeen magazine are never practical.

Ombré lips don’t make any sense. Pink on the top lip and red on the bottom just confuses people.

You get what you pay for. Damn straight.


If you’re wide, don’t wear horizontal stripes. If you’re tall, stay away from vertical stripes, unless you want to accentuate your height.

The darker the background, the slimmer the look.

If your hair is red, stay away from green unless it’s a dark shade, like olive or hunter.

Stick to a maximum of 3 colors per outfit

If your butt isn’t in tip top shape, don’t wear the leggings and short top look. Be honest with yourself, moms.

No matter how expensive your clothes are, you look bad if you’re not confident.

Don’t mix gold and silver jewelry

Splurge on things that will never go out of style (tank tops, sweaters, jeans) and buy cheap trendy clothes like studded boots and printed scarves. You won’t be wearing those next year.


Always wear a strapless bra with a strapless dress, or a cami. It’s so trashy seeing bra straps.

Underwear can make you happier all day, even though no one sees it. So buy cute undies!!

Skinny jeans don’t always work on an hourglass shape

Less is more!!