Journa-blog: Underwear v.s Swimsuits

I can’t be the only one who feels this way:

So women can wear skimpy little bikinis all the time in public, but the minute someone sees her in her underwear (which cover more than her bathing suit) “oh my god call the skank police!!! Now I’m not saying I’m wishing I could parade around in my underwear in public all the time, but seriously, it’s just really confused me how for some reason, all of us would have some huge shift in moral feelings if we saw a chick in her underwear and bra in public.

So Why?

I honestly have no idea! But I’m sitting in my boyfriends garage, watching him wash his car, and he asks if I want to help. I do, I mean, it’s freaking hot out here. But I don’t have a bikini! Here’s where this whole “I can’t go out in public in my bra and panties” notion comes in. See, my swimsuit is virtually identical shape wise to my underwear, but if I’d ever walk outside in them, I’d be condemned forever.

Do you have the answer? If you do, I’d sure love to know your thoughts on why you think society has such a strong feeling separating the two!