The Coolest and Most Unusual Flash Drives to Own for School

What’s one way to never lose your flash drive? By getting one that’s cooler and different than anyone else’s. Heres 11 of the coolest and most unique flash drives. There’s guaranteed one for everyone.

1. Hands Off!


This flash drive by Imm Studio comes in various different hand signs, perfect for the rock n roll dude, the “west side” boy, the “power to the people” fisty dude, or the superhero creed hand.

2. Mmm, Donuts


Right up my alley, Donuts!! For a good ole lover of these tasty treats, a donut flash drive is sure to keep you happy…and hungry, all day.

3. Transformer…Dog?


I’ve never seen transformers in my life, but if I saw a kid with this transformer dog flash drive, id be staring, hardcore.

4. Chapped Lips


The problem? You’re probably going to rub your face with your flash drive every once in a while on those rough mornings. And you might ruin your USB port smashing Chapstick into the hole. But one way to confuse everyone is plugging Chapstick into your laptop! Just hide the metal piece and tell all the ladies that you’re working on an alternative energy project converting Chapstick into energy and googles already sponsoring you but don’t tell anybody yet.

5. Car Keys


These look so real! If I had these I’d probably mistake them for actual car keys.

6. Budweiser Time


Here’s a good way to show off your alter ego as a nighttime party prowler to all those ladies in the library. Its also a good way to lose the trust and respect of your freshman literature teacher. Use at your own risk.

6. Game of Just Dance, anyone?


Now this is right up my alley. I’m not sure though how many people are so in love with their wii, they’d buy a wii controller flash drive. Whatever floats your boat!

7. Guitar Hero


Ahh, remember when guitar hero was the most badass game? Here’s an MTV flash drive, perfect for that little rockstar. Hey, this would go perfectly with the blue rock on fist flash drive!

8. Strike!


For the avid bowler, now you can take your love with you everywhere. You can also show everyone how geeky you are.

9. Earth Mama


So you’re an environmental science major? No kidding! I love these tree flash drives. I’m pretty sure you’re not recycling anything, since under the wood it’s just a flash drive. But it’s a great way to make people see the beauty of nature!

10. Lego Man


I’m sure when you were shipped off to college, your mom said no to your childhood Lego collection going with you. Fight back with your own little Lego man! It’s a total chick magnet, Trust.

11. Canon camera


Are you a little artsy fartsy photographer?? Then get this cute little canon camera USB cable! I think this would be adorable to carry around.