College-blog: The Unisex Luxury Laptop Sleeve, and cheap too!

My New Knomo Laptop Sleeve! ($10 on clearance!!!) I’m getting lucky this month!





Looking for a laptop case or luxury sleeve? This secret brand I found and am totally in love with now (Knomo London) is ah-mayzing!! And no, it’s not for just women. It’s definately for men too. And it’s guaranteed to please.

So I’m at TJ Maxx, looking for a desk lamp for my workspace, and I decide to look around since they had absolutely no lamps it turned out, plus, I hadn’t been to my favorite store in like a good two weeks (I was sooo deprived). Welp, I once again got lucky! This time I found off the clearance this $70 original Knomo laptop sleeve. Not gonna lie, I had no idea what Knomo was, and was totally not going to buy this. I was pretty stiff on getting the Dreamy Neoprene Marc Jacobs Case, which is $60. But one pull of the zipper and a look inside changed everything. So the Marc Jacobs case has this short faux fur feeling inside that I really like… The Knomo had even better faux fur!!! In this gorgeous shade of charcoal grey (the picture above does it no justice!). Plus, on the inside of the sleeve, was a sort of quilt patched and protected tag with its own product number and “if found please report to” spot with a printed phone number of Knomo headquarters. Plus plus, on the inside there was also a nice and glossy, packaged card which told you about the history of Knomo and how my product can be registered to never lose, ect.

That seriously impressed me. I mean, the only times I’ve seen a company sell their products that personally and safely was only with my fossil, and with my moms coach purse. I associate merchandise with having its own idem number pretty classy, so that only made me love this product even more.

The Knomo also has this glossy, I wouldn’t say plastic because it feels so nice and soft exterior. The Marc Jacobs sleeve is made of Neoprene, which is basically just crappy fabric that all the other cheap cases use. The one thing I wish the Knomo had that the MJ one didn’t was a gold plate on the front. I’ll post a picture at the bottom of the MJ one for reference. But I mean, for what it was worth (just $10 measly clearance dollars!!!) the Knomo was way better than the Marc Jacobs case. Better exterior, better interior, product security… What more could I ask for?

This was definitely a good lesson that not everything that’s mo expensive is better. I mean, the MSRP tag on my Knomo was $58, the same price as the Marc Jacobs case! And I’m pretty sure if I’m honest with myself, I only desired the MJ one because of the logo. But my Knomo is way cooler, and jeez, I can’t stop gloating, ten dollars!! I saved like 50 dollars and got something better!!!!

TJ Maxx is a great place to shop. I find everything there that I love, and I would never buy accessories anywhere else! If you want to know about my other great find there, a $118 Free People Maxi Dress on clearance for $25, stay tuned!

<3, Eva