My Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses (just $10!!)


My Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses

Do you absolutely love my sunglasses? Okay, ignore the hideous picture that is my unmakeuped face, but check out those sweet shades! They’re actually Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses -“hold up, Oscar De La Renta???” Indeed, my friend.

So I bet you ladies are wondering how I scored this amazing find. I got them at TJ Maxx for $10!!! Say Whaaa? Turns out TJ Maxx sells Oscar D Products. Now, I’m sure these aren’t the super high class sunglasses from his line because those cost up to $500. But hey, these babies are still his brand! So no matter how much I paid I can still say I’ve got some Oscar De La Renta sunglasses (hehehehe).

If you’re totally hating Oscar’s sunglass style, don’t fret. TJ Maxx has brands like Fossil, Guess, Jessica Simpson (suuuper high class *sarcasm*) Prada, Fendi, Betsey Johnson and much more. There’s a pair of sunglasses for everyone! And 90% of them are all under $15

I mean, big whoop I got a good pair of designer sunglasses. But if you’re needing a new pair, you might as well spend $10 on a good, trusty designer pair v.s crappy no name sunglasses from the gas station or forever 21.