Review: Sephora Matifying Compact Foundation


I’ve been eyeing this product for a while now, you know, taking trips to sephora and pretending like its your first time and you’re just sampling makeup but you’re really just caking on all of your favorite products because you’re too poor to buy them? Yeah, that eyeing.

It’s the Sephora Matifying Foundation, and it’s $20 at of course, Sephora. Now in the store, it looks amazing on skin!! It’s so soft, it feels like nothing’s there, and it really does give you a matte, “porcelain” is what they promise you, look. So finally two days ago I owned up and bought it, in I believe Matte Tan. Honestly, it works pretty well!


One major con I’m doing this whole review on for, so I use cover up under my usual Clinique simply real liquid foundation. You can’t do that with this product. I put on my concealer, then padded on the compact foundation from sephora. It made my face look like I’ve never seen it before! You could totally see where my concealer was out on, as it was way lighter in those spots, and made my face looked deformed because the contouring was so weird! It took so much blending to make my face look normal! So I’m guessing you can’t wear any spot on concealer with this product. Its all of the face or none. Another con is that it’s hard to wash off.

It definitely lasts longer than my liquid foundation, which is why I bought it, since my boyfriend is particularly fond of cheek kisses, smooching off all my makeup. It also provides a really nice, soft, airy feel and look to my skin, which is super cool! I’ve never felt like I’m wearing no makeup when I actually am.

A Con that really Doesnt Matter to You

I feel like I bought the wrong color, and it’s way too dark ;( can I return it for a better color? Hope so!! I’m getting ready to highlight my hair blonde and I don’t want to look like an Indian Snooki.